I’m not sure whether we can construct schools differently because of fire hazard reasons (this is just a guess), so I wonder if building a gated fence around each school’s campus would make more sense.

There are as many people in a midsized office building as there are in a school. One way in, one way out. Further, although you;re correct that school designs take fire protocols into account…..those protocols have not changed in my lifetime (I’m 63) and almost all schools built in my lifetime have been built out of fire-retardant materials. Almost no wood nor flammable boardings.

Time to have a look at that, although I do agree that perimeter fencing which forces an intruder into a specific entry (which can be camera monitored) is an idea that’s well overdue.

Personally, I think it’s crazy to arm teachers — even if they’re trained to properly use a gun, dealing with an armed combatant is completely different. Although not ideal (from a left point of view) I agree with you that it’s more practical to have armed guards, SWAT, or ex-vets secure schools, since they would be far more emotionally, physically, and mentally capable of dealing with a mass shooter than a teacher would be.

We;re in agreement, although I would not object to a properly certified teacher carrying their sidearm if they wished.

Here;s another point: A SECURITY GUARD is trained totally differently than a police officer or a military solider. There is of course some overlap, but it is a mistake to think that just because somebody was a cop or a soldier that they automatically know how to secure a facility and react to an active shooter in that facility.

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