Well if that’s true, that’s sad. Regardless of what people think of the two main actors of the shitshow (Ford or Kavanaugh) Hatch, Graham, Grassley, some guy from West Virginia, and most definitely McConnell were all engaging in conduct that I can most politely call “unbecoming of a Senator” as they threw the most basic tenets of logic, reason, and jurisprudence (and most important for the judiciary NONPARTISANSHIP) out of the window, while screeching about how horrible Democrats are, and how they are victims and ignoring everything the real victim had to say.

That’s precisely how I saw the Democrats, as they turned the hearings into the Jerry Springer Show.

If they cared about Dr. Ford and her request for confidentiality, they would have raised the issue when the letter was received, handled matters confidentially, and there is a very high probability that Kavanaugh would have been withdrawn.

But, no, they fucked her over. She didn’t want a spectacle; they forced her into a spectacle.

Tenets of logic and reason? Due process and the presumption of innocence are not just things that matter inside of a courtroom; they are matters of human decency. The Democrats showed us they have none.

Is this seriously idiocracy? Yes it is…those confirmation hearings where the penultimate example of an idiocracy.

Yes, it was an idiocracy. But the idiocracy was orchestrated by the Democrats, not the GOP, when they decided to make public a confidential letter.

Ask yourself: Suppose you were sexually assaulted by future SCOTUS nominee. You want the Senate to know that, but you don’t want your life turned upside down. Would you trust them to keep your confidence?

Nope. #metoo just got set back decades by the people who are supposed to be supporting it.

But the Pubs made it so with Merrick Garland, which was truly subversive and outrageous, but I wouldn’t say evil.

No, it wasn’t evil. It was totally within the rights of the Senate Majority Leader, who has sole control over the agenda and schedule of the US Senate. It was indeed outrageous, but not evil.

Character assassination in public using uncorroborated accusations is evil.

The judiciary is under attack by Pubs, deep attack, and this is very dangerous and THAT’s where thus conversation should be right now. Not on midterms or evil Dems, but deep and lasting damage being done to the judiciary.

Gee, I guess they should have thought of that before they decided to go with this power play and fuck over both Kavanaugh and Ford. And yes. the Dems have done lasting damage to the institution.

What more proof do you need? Those aren’t Democrats anymore, they’re Anarchists. If they’re not going to get their way, they’re prepared to blow up the system.

…instead they got:

“I like beer, don’t you like beer?”

Yes. Good for him. He knew who was fucking with his life for partisan advantage. Had he stood up and threw coffee at them, I would have cheered. He responded like a private citizen whose family has been put through hell by those people (imagine all the nights with his wife and daughters crying) while the Senators sat there asking questions about his HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK. That’s reasonable to you? And as a private citizen, THOSE SENATORS WORK FOR HIM. I’m glad he reminded them of that.

Do you follow the political real time betting sites? Before Kavanaugh started to speak, there was a 40% chance of Kavanaugh confirmation being reported. By the end, the chances of confirmation rose to above 70%. The wisdom of the masses knew that he had won the day.

Meanwhile, Graham needs to be responding to the ….

Residents of North Carolina who actually VOTED for him.

Uh……Graham is a Senator from SOUTH Carolina. There’s a difference. :-)

And I applaud every word that came out of his mouth, and am hoping beyond hope that he can find the person who leaked Dr. Ford’s letter and having them face their just rewards, even if that’s an 85 year old California Senator and a censure vote.

You really don’t give a shit about Dr. Ford’s request for confidentiality, do you?

Ahhhh…those people aren’t going to be voting are they? Nah, just scrapping for survival, after everything they’ve built into a life has been totally destroyed.

I’m in Houston, and lived through Hurricane Harvey. Don’t lecture me about weather. People with flooded houses still believe in justice.

I’m sick of this demonization of Democrats. They aren’t perfect, but they are far from the evil doers they are being accused of.

They’ve earned their demonization.

No proof that they were behind Dr. Ford’s accusations or that that was even a strategy that was in play. If that was a strategy is was a very risky one — as any discussion of sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, is a highly divisive one.

We don’t have proof, but we have reason.

Dr. Ford’s letter was in three places. Originally, with Rep. Anna Eschoo, and then with Sen Feinstein. Near the end, it ended up in the hands of Ford’s lawyers, all of whom were RECOMMENDED by Sen Feinstien, and most clearly were looking out for Democrat party and not their client. (I would love to see one or more of them disbarred, but that’s probably asking too much.)

So, do the math. Either (a) Eschoo or staff leaked it, DiFI or staff leaked it, or Ford’s lawyer’s leaked it. All the suspects are Democrats.

But, you’re right. High risk gambit. Why? Pretty simple. Leak the letter between the hearing and vote. Kavanaugh withdraws. Trump sends up Plan B. Dems invoke the “Garland Rule” (too close to an election to approve a nominee) and if the win the Senate, then you run a Merrick Garland on every GOP nominee what they did to Garland.

Hypocritical, to complain about Garland’s treatment and then plan to do the same when the tables are turned, but that’s politics. :-)

And men like this DO get a free pass on sexual misconduct. Everyone knows it — but no one wants to own it.

Nobody’s arguing that men, especially rich and powerful ones, can get a free pass. However, that fact cannot sanely be related to the Ford accusation, sans corroborating evidence.

Even you don’t want to own it, and you’re a fairly reasonable person.

What do you want me to own? I agree with you, IN PRINCIPLE. I do not agree that that fact should be germane to determining what is right or wrong in the Kavanaugh situation.

Which do you want to discuss?

I personally KNOW someone who had their ass grabbed by a very powerful Democrat.

Well, we have a rather large list of people that Bill Clinton cavorted with, so we don’t need any more examples. :-)

Dems are so evil talk. Whatever mud Dems sling, Pubs sling it much faster and harder…

Oh, I’ll be the first to agree that both parties have BIG warts. But this one was low, low, low. Lower than I’ve seen in my lifetime.

The Dems are not evil for taking Dr. Fords allegations seriously, they were slow to do it, at that…

Oh. They were just “slow”.

But finally, they did and they should have, and that is exactly what the Pubs FAILED to do.

I’m sorry? The Dems had the letter, the GOP did not. You cannot fail to do something if you lack the ability to do it.

Horribly. And it sent a horrible national message to all victims of any sort of sexual misconduct. You will not be heard, and even if you’re not demonized, anyone who takes your allegations seriously will be demonized and or threatened. AND we will tell everyone they are demonic, and make them angry against your supporters, and in effect you. We will find a politically correct way to silence you. That is what the Pubs have done here.

That was great, until the last sentence. It was the Dems said “fuck you” to the assaulted. “We’ll sell you down the river for political advantage”

(BTW, nobody “silenced” anyone. The GOP invited Dr. Ford to speak.)

I would have hoped that all of the senators would have taken her seriously. But that didn’t happen.

Oh, they all took her seriously. I certainly did. That was never the question on the table. Nobody is or was belittling sexual assault in this situation.

And was it evil when the Pubs refused to confirm Merrick Garland? I wouldn’t say that, but it certainly was AGAINST OUR ESTABLISHED RULES OF DEMOCRACY.

Was it evil when the Pubs changed the rules from a 60 vote Senate confirmation, to a 50 vote Senate confirmation? I wouldn’t say that, but again, against the rules of a centuries old very carefully constructed, republic- actually. Not a democracy, America has never been a true democracy, but rather a republic, designed to put forth the desires of THE PEOPLE.

It is relevant to point out that in each case, an action or a suggestion from a Democrat indicating that they too might have taken the same action preceding the GOP doing it.

It is relevant that both Schumer and Biden had suggested in the past that they would not approve a nominee in an election year. It is relevant that Harry Reid first pushed through the nuclear option with an exception, and that McConnell simply pushed it the rest of the way.

And yet democrats are evil? Come on! I’m annoyed because when you or anyone says this, you are metaphoricallly pissing in my ear and telling me it’s raining.

Facts are troublesome things, aren’t they?

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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