“The rubber hits the road when they start interviewing people and threatening people with jail time if they don’t come clean. “

That’s a direct quote from several republicans regarding the Hilary email matter.

Just because Brennan said he didn’t see collusion then means nothing. The FBI will dig much deeper.

Laughs. So, the guy who has seen the transcripts of all these calls’ opinion means nothing? The FBI can dig all they want. There aren’t more calls out there that Brennan hasn’t seen. This isn’t a paper chase investigation, where, oh, the State Department gets a request from an oversight committee than masturbates for a year to protect “their girl.” Those calls exist or they don;t, and the CIA has already heard all of them.

The reason it’s important is because Trump and the campaign have been saying there has been ZERO contact, it’s a witch hunt, it’s a hoax etc which it’s now CLEARLY not.

Obviously false. Stone, Page, and Manfort have been turning over documentation for months. Kind of hard to say there’s zero contact when you’re turning over evidence of your contacts.

You need to refine that argument. I haven’t heard an outright categorical denial (e.g., there was NO contact by ANYONE EVER) …well, ever, now that I think about it.

From what I understand about the theory

There are other sites for people who “theorize” like that:

Your opinion however the fact that Stone is such a “good guesser”

I’m sorry but I didn’t say that. Please reread. I clearly stated that Stone seemed to have foreknowlege of something, Calling it “collusion“ is premature.

You have no idea if this is true.

Actually, I do. BY THE MATH, this election was so close that any one of several dozen variables can be said to have swung the election. There is simply no way that one can say that THIS ONE VARIABLE” was the cause. I can just as easily point to Clinton’s non-appearance in MI and WI, and her rigid-anti-coal stance in OH and PA.

You have no idea the breath and scope of the Russian meddling….hence the investigation.

I have no problem with an investigation. Just prepare for “nobody committed any crimes”, because that’s the most likely outcome.

We have meddled in elections for humanitarian reasons, to undermine authoritarian regimes or to help spread democracy.

The end does not justify the means, for any person of moral character. But, we also meddled in the last Israeli election and Brexit. Neither fits your rationalization.

The REAL question is did any american assist the Russians in meddling in our elections.

That’s one of TWO REAL questions. The first is did the Russians meddle at all? It is impossible to PROVE a hack, unless the hacker is a klutz; you are depending on preponderance of evidence. And the honesty of the investigators, of course.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.