“It would appear that you see this election as normal.”

That would be incorrect. At the very least, two candidates who are both “unelectable” by popularity standards running against one another is abnormal. At the most, this is a realignment election where one party actually shifts its long held ideology to a more populism stance, and the nation shifted with them.

(Hacking the actual voting machines) “That is possible but very unlikely because it would be terribly difficult.”

I quite agree.

“Russia, however, has been active in attempting to do exactly that so it is by no means something that can be ignored.”

I agree with that, too. Where we differ is if a recount would eliminate the question. I don’t think it does, and thus creates political theater which risks a sense of deligitimization.

“We also have Trump himself having attempted to appoint a staff member with very close connections to Putin and has now selected a secretary of state with very close connections to Russia.”

We differ here. Russia remains one of the three most powerful nations on the planet. We should strive for respectful but blunt dialogue with them, and also respect their rights of self-determination. To that end, Trump appointing Branstead as Ambassador to China (because he knows them) makes sense. Appointing Tillerson to State also makes sense; same reason.

The US Left seems to have decided unilaterally their own that Putin = USSR or Putin = evil, at least to the extent that their anti-Russian rhetoric is very similar to the anti-USSR rhetoric of the 80’s. I disagree. Putin is far more nuanced and less ideologic than the Soviets ever were. One can argue that what he did in the Ukraine was provoked by NATO, who by offering membership to the Ukraine set up a “Cuban Missile Crisis” he needed to respond to. One can argue that his buzzing of US surveillance vessels in the Baltic Sea was provoked by us, in that those ships in that location are the rough equivalent of standing in your neighbors bushes and peering in their windows. And our own inexplicable Assad-animus has led us to yet another conflict with the Russians in Syria, to the extent that the Russians have said explicitly in many different venues “Hey USA, lead, follow, or get the hell out of our way. We are the invited ally here, you’re essentially an invader.”

The US Right dislikes Putin’s authoritarian methods but admires his laser focus on the needs of his citizens, putting them ahead of globalist concerns.

“But, tied to Trump’s refusal to release financials with a list of questions on the extent of his debt from Russian sources things become more than troubling. There are now very serious questions on Trump’s ability to act with Russia to the best interest of this country.”

There are no serious questions. What we have are irresponsible actors saying “Well, since we can’t see tax returns, HE MIGHT have business in Russia that is a conflict of interest.” That’s rampant speculation, not a “serious question”.

“Notice that this does not consider his obvious incompetence to be president. “

Opinion stated as fact. Your problem is not with me, or the Republicans, but the American people who elected him. Tens of millions do not share your view, OR believe that the Democrat view of the nation is such an anathema that they elected him anyway. Take your pick. But at the end of the day, he’s going to be President. There is no legal way to change that at this point.

“We have a nearly powerless administration dedicated to a very unclear agenda.”

Powerless? Just the opposite. There is tremendous concentrated power in the incoming Administration, equal to the first two years of the Obama Administration. The popular vote issue becomes an asterisk in the history books. Trump won an electoral victory, but the Democrats were stomped and nearly extinguished in Congress from a national perspective. A third of Democrat congresscritters come from three states alone.

“I am suggesting a way to begin to deal with the problem of which Trump is only a symptom.”

I quite agree with that statement as phrased. I imagine we differ greatly on the problem definition.

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Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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