Thanks for the thoughtful response but I think you’re playing too much to your political bias. Or maybe I’m being a bit too naive but I watched almost 2 full terms of Republican obstruction. Certainly there is blame to go around but the majority of the blame lies solely on the Republicans.

Indeed? It cannot be reasonably argued to the contrary that Harry Reid, more than any of his predecessors in my lifetime (I’m 62) did more to destroy minority rights in the Senate by limiting amendments, debate, and then finally using the nuclear option on federal judgeships and cabinet appointees.

I think it unfair to blame McConnell and the GOP because he / they wouldn’t just roll over and take it.

I’ve always found this “obstructionist” label to be an interesting charge, particularly now that Schumer has doubled down on “obstructionism” to an extent that McConnell never even conceived of. It completely ignores the role Harry Reid played in forcing the GOP into that defensive posture, and seems to demand, in order to AVOID the obstructionist label, that the GOP support ideological items (such as higher taxation) that the have consistently opposed for decades.

And funny enough now we see that the party of no doesn’t know how to govern.

Define “how to govern.” :-)

I’d argue that the last time we’ve seen “true governance” was the major bipartisan legislation passed pre-war by Bush, and before that, by Clinton. We haven’t seen a president reach out and forge a serious consensus since. Even the Obama/Boehner budgetary compromise was unusual in that it was individual to individual, and then relied on whipping the congresscritters along, rather than being a true legislative process.

Further, there have been worse starts to presidencies in the past. Far more political capital was invested in Hilarycare than the AHCA, and that failure came at tremendous political cost.

I think your conclusion is wrong. I don’t think the Democrats expected that at all.

I can only go off memory, because any attempt to Google anything about the ACA today just brings up page after page regarding the recent health care debate, and I’m lazy. :-)

My recollection is of at least one or more Dem congresscritters predicting that the ACA would prove so popular that needed reforms would quickly follow on a bipartisan basis.

Your point, of course, is more along the lines of what happened. If major legislation is not bipartisan……..don’t expect cooperation later down the line. Lesson learned.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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