Thanks for that. I didn’t read it all (day job and all) but I have a lot of sympathy for these “equality for me but not for thee” kind of issues. I personally want equality, not a built in advantage.

As a Muslim women, I cover my head and avoid form fitting clothing. (One can be fabulously stylish without tight clothes, it should be said.) :-)

I am often asked WHY we are religiously obligated to cover. There are several reasons, all involving theological-speak, but let’s cut to the chase:

  1. Our Prophet was a man who loved women. He had one wife while she lived (she was older than he), then took several wives afterwards, none outside of the normal cultural practice of the day. Point here is that he was well familiar with the……uh……urges of men. Obviously as a man with many friends and acquaintances was experienced at the mess these “urges” could make vis a vis families, children, etc.
  2. The practice of covering comes not from the Quran per se (there is one small reference, but it is not complete === it could be met with a belly dancer outfit) but from the stories of the Prophet’s life. In the key story, he was at home with his wives, a visitor came, and before he could come in, they all scurried to cover their bodies and head (and possibly their face, that’s in disagreement). So, we take from that that the Prophet had instructed them on proper dress in front of other men.
  3. Conclusion: The practice of covering was established by the Prophet to try to assist men in controlling their “urges”.

Tell that to a feminist, and she starts to shriek about “blaming the victim.” To me, that’s just an excuse so they can wear pencil skirts, high heels, and low cut blouses showing cleavage at work, and show whatever skin the weather will allow everywhere else.

Men do not have control over their urges — this is an autonomic reaction that is outside of their control. They have control on how they RESPOND to those urges, but not the urges themselves.

So, quite frankly, I have to conclude that a woman who dresses sexily at work is herself guilty of creating an uncomfortable workplace environment for the men there. We know they’re reacting, and it can’t be comfortable to try to hold all that in.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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