Takeaways from the Barr Summary, and other Frolics

  1. The Summary will not differ from the actual report, when released, in any substantive way. It would be madness for Barr to attempt to bury any matters of fact, when there are 500+ people who are no friends of this Administration who know the truth about what is in the Report.
  2. Further, one of the only times Mueller has made a public statement over the last two years is to correct the record when Buzzfeed reporting was incorrect. Believing that he would correct a second-rate media outlet, but not the Attorney General, is even more madness
  3. It;s important to make this clear: there was found to be no collusion or conspiracy on the part of any American to defraud the public by fixing the election. The operative word there is “NO”. If anyone tells you that the evidence of conspiracy was simply insufficient, they are dissembling.
  4. That said, both campaigns interacted with the Russians for election “help”. Being political rookies, the Trump campaign unwisely did so directly, an example being the Trump Tower meeting. The politically experienced Clinton campaign used a British firm called Fusion GPS as a proxy between themselves and the Russians. Neither case was illegal, although it does call into question whether new campaign restrictions are in order.
  5. Obstruction of justice is a charge which requires both knowledge of the suspect’s intent, as well as hard evidence of actions taken to obstruct. Destroying evidence is hard evidence; legal dismissals, tweets, and public statements are not hard. To make this charge stick against Trump, Mueller would have had to make the case that dismissing Comey some months AFTER Comey had told Trump he was not under investigation, plus the tweets and statements of a POTUS known to be jocular, hyperbolic, and undisciplined were sufficient to construe obstruction. He chose not to go down that path, for rather obvious reasons.
  6. The MSM outlets who spent years pimping the collusion narrative now have to explain to us why we should ever take anything they report seriously again.
  7. Matt Tabibi did a good job of laying out the case that when a collusion-related factoid against Trump appeared in the media, and later turned out to be false, the exculpatory evidence was rarely published in the MSM media; it was the conservative media that focused on the exculpatory material. This further begs the question raised in (6) above.
  8. If you ingest a balanced diet of media (both left, traditional, and conservative sources) you likely had a balanced view of the collusion matter, that being “skeptical”. If, however, your diet was unbalanced (left and traditional only) you likely never understood why so much of the country was skeptical.
  9. The left and mainstream media sources now have to deal with their own failings in all this, primarily the vast amount of collusion information they reported without fact-checking. (Again, see (6) above).
  10. Those that believe that Fox News is “destroying our politics” and keep other sorts of hyperbolic views regarding them now have to deal with the fact that Fox, and the rest of the conservative media, were right on this one, while the left and traditional outlets were wrong.

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Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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