Sometimes you go : “Oh please”. Wil. Reality.

and it found no evidence of wrongdoing at all.

Many people in the country, not just you, Wil, have an english-langugage problem determining the difference between “evidence” and “proof”. Plus, the term “wrongdoing” is legally problematic. Let’s improve your vocab:

There was substantial EVIDENCE that documents on the email server were mishandled. The FBI CONCLUDED that documents on the server were mishandled. What the investigation lacked was PROOF that documents had been mishandled with intention to put national secrets at risk. The english language is your friend; use it wisely.

We’re all going to get the nightmare of the Trump presidency because of people like you.

This is a hypothetical. A substantial number of voters in America, WITH REASON, believed that Barack Obama was going to usher in a socialist America, which to most is unthinkable, knowing what we know about the history of government-owned economies around the world. Lo and behold, we’re eight years down the road and all of our private businesses are still private businesses. For the people who were terrified of the socialist prospects, it turned out to be a presidency of wasted opportunity, not a “nightmare”.

So too will the Trump presidency be. The POTUS cannot negate either the Constitution nor the rule of law that protects us, even if he wanted to, and there’s no proof (not that I didn’t use “evidence” here) that he wants to. So grow up and see what he DOES, rather than hyperventilating about the “hidden meanings” behind what he SAID. You did not inherit Wesley’s brilliance nor omnicience.

you’re insulated from the very real dangers that Trump’s presidency presents to women, people of color, LGBT people.

What are those, exactly? Trump is probably the first president we’ve had with a history of supporting LGBT rights prior to election; both Clintons and Obama had a history of supporting DOMA, at one point or another.

Trump has said exactly NOTHING that can reasonably be interpreted that he would support policies that put any of those groups you mention at risk. NOTHING. The supposed mysogenist hired Kellyanne Conway, who broke the glass ceiling as the first woman to manage a successful presidential campaign; and it’s Ivanka, not his sons, that manage most of his businesses. At the same time you infer he’s a racist, you rail about Ben Carson as Sect of Education, and see no irony in that.

This is sloppy thinking at best.

The end of the Affordable Care Act, which means people are going to die.

It’s already been stated by Trump that the loss of the ACA will be contiguous with a replacement plan. So, you’re just lying.

Donald Trump is an unmitigated disaster, and America will never recover from him.

I’m 61. Let me list all the things in the World Politick that we were never going to recover from:

  1. LBJ, the war-hawk, taking over from Kennedy without a vote.
  2. Watergate
  3. Reagan, who was going to get us into a nuclear war with Russia
  4. Bush II.
  5. Obama’s socialism.

I am tired of both parties demagoguery. Your demagoguery is just the latest version of the same old song. (BTW, Will, have you noticed that, like yourself, the more a person detests Trump, the more they appear to think like him?)

Hope that helps.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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