However, it is not reasonable to disrupt people’s lives, offend a large number of the world’s population, and anger countries we consider allies.

So, you prioritize “nondisruption, offense, and anger” over the safety of US citizens?

However, if you have evidence of problems with the existing program that required immediate action by the President, please share it with the rest of us.

I am rather shocked that you are not as well informed as you seem:

We deserve a President that understands his words and actions have meaning and consequences throughout the world and gives careful consideration as to how his words and actions will effect people, and how the world sees us. That is one of the many great responsibilities of the office.

Well, to paraphrase the old general’s quote about battle plans, “we have the President we have, not the one we want.” This has much to do with neither party putting forth a candidate that was more universally wanted.

The conclusion is, either Trump cannot read or he is too lazy to read.

In business, the CEO depends on his officers, who depend on their subordinates, to understand and approve the details. The C level execs are juggling too many things to do this; their job is to stay out of the weeds, not get into them. Carter had a mediocre presidency; presidential historians generally attibute this to his obsession with micromanagement.

Just imagine the bullshit Trump could have avoided had he taken the time and effort to understand the program he is messing with and the consequences of this ridiculous action he has taken.

Now, THAT sentence I agree with. This ENTIRE issue could have been avoided if the EO made the point of enforcement visa issuance, not US customs. You sign the EO when the embassies are closed overseas, and all you have to do is instruct the ambassadors to hang “No visas for 90 days” signs over the door. Easy peasy. Failure to do just THAT caused 90% of this dustup.

ISTM that the State Department wasn’t consulted. Even a low-level officer over there would have been able to tell him that they’d have mess by enforcing this at the airport.

OTOH, part of this might be Trump’s lack of governmental experience. In business, you tell somebody what to do, but you *assume* that they’ll execute it in a way that’s not stupid. He needs to realize that when the President gives an order, it’s executed literally. Very different.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.

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