More than that, Republicans and the American right are the commies.

So, Republicans are implementing communism by governing in precisely the opposite fashion of past communists?

Tricky business, that. Consider Lenin. He implemented communism in the textbook fashion — — though massive regulation of business (produce what we want you to produce or be shot dead), the limitation of wage (thus preventing anyone from becoming rich), and high taxation (seizing the assets of the rich is about the highest rate of taxation possible).

And here come those sneaky Republicans, turning us into a communist state by deregulating business, stimulating wage growth, and lowering taxes.


They invent threats, of “Islamo-fascism” and so on, because they are fighting over common ground with those they accuse, desiring an oligarchic, totalitarian state.

As a Muslim, I will gladly tell you that “islamofascism” is not an inaccurate description of the religious state that ISIS wished to develop. Kind of obvious, that.

But, more to the point, see above. Although it’s true that in a economically free state, your Bezoses and Zuckerbergs can, in fact, become fabulously wealthy, that wealth is a result of free market capitalism, and not an objective of any specific type of governance philosophy; and again, totalitarians, regardless of type, do not run about lowering taxes and deregulating business.

The essential belief of communism is that in capitalism class conflict supersedes and dominates all other issues because it’s inevitable and because its consequences are so catastrophic, injustice and people slaughtering one another or creating conditions in which millions die of starvation and disease — genocide by environmental and social proxy.

Sounds terrible. Fortunately, that’s all bullshit.

If MARX is looking down from commie heaven he has his MAGA hat on.

Hardly likely. He’d be appalled that Trump, even more than prior GOP regimes, has loosened strictures on business and lowered the taxes on the bourgeoisie.

And decency. At a darker level they might yearn for genocide, a global population reckoning and meetup with Jesus. Half of their coalition think the apocalypse would be cool. The others want a society with a thin upper layer of inconceivable wealth and the riffraff dying in the streets. I think the underlying forces are this crazy, with Trump as my witness.

OK, now you’re just writing for The Onion.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.