So, here’s what we know from today:

  • Trump paid more in taxes than most rich people did in that year. He paid 24% of income, the average for people in the 1% bracket was 19.7% that year.
  • David Cay Johnston’s making up a bunch of shit is considered by some to be “news”.
  • Interesting fact regarding the Alternative Minimum Tax, which hit Trump hard that year, and which he wants to abolish: He will have some tangible support for getting rid of the AMT from Blue State Senators. Why? Because the AMT hits people in the upper middle class too, IF they happen to live in a state that already has a high tax burden. So, places like CA, NY, and NJ have more voters who are actually being HURT by this tax, because they are paying a lot more in income taxes than if they lived in a state like PA, which has lower taxes.

So, yes, there’s a lot of not-news about this tax return today. But, whatever floats your boat.

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