So, basically, your posit here is that while the historical tendency is to forget the negative and dwell on the positives of past presidents, in Trump we’ll forget the positive and dwell on the negative.

I suppose that’s possible. Cases in point:

  1. Warren Harding ended the post-WW1 depression with strong economic measures, but is generally ranked at the bottom of the presidential heap because of the corruption in his short adminstration.
  2. FDR is considered one of our better presidents. Yet, he failed utterly to solve the Great Depression, only to “solve” it by entering a World War (probably unavoidable) wherein he got half a million of our least employable young citizens killed off (thus solving the unemployment problem), and created millions of jobs by establishing the now-ubiquitous military-industrial complex. But, he managed to keep far more of our young men from getting killed off by cutting a deal with Stalin that if Russia let THEIR young men get killed instead of ours, he’d permit Russia to enslave all of Eastern Europe.

So……yes, one never quite knows what “history” will do with a presidential opus of work, considering that “national history” ends up becoming a narrative which emphasizes not truth, but what the historians want us to believe.

In other words, Jerry, if the Trump-haters control the history, you’ll get your wish. Regardless of whether the history is either true or fair.

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