<snipping the biographical irrelevancies, all designed to fool the reader into thinking that the writer is a thoughtful, introspective person.>

Suffice it to say, one does not need to be on the “left” to be antifascist.

Quite true; a good 99.5% of the US population would identify as being “antifascists”. Which makes one wonder what all of Antifa’s hubris is all about. And yours.

It is because white supremacists preach genocide. Bottom line. There’s no wiggle room.

Let them preach. The more they do, the weaker they become. Noxious ideologies are always weakened by sunlight.

You may not agree with how they do it, but, in the end, we are all a lot safer because some people put themselves in danger to keep the biggest threat, yes the biggest, to domestic safety in this country in check. For those that think a “free” society can’t descend into the madness of Nazism, I encourage you to Google “Wiemar Republic.”

What an utterly bullshit analogy. You act like the Weimar Republic was a lovely, well-functioning, democratic state prior to the election of Hitler. Check your history.

The madness of Nazism was a response to the state of national humiliation and economic destruction that existed in Germany after WW1. Without three key factors ( (1) military loss, (2) national humiliation, (3) economic devastation) ……no Nazism.

Most history books that dive DEEP into German history during the period starting at the end of WW1 and ending at the start of WW2 do a fairly good job of explaining the conditions in the Weimar Republic, but don’t always get at the WHY, which was economic. For that, I recommend a decent book on economic history that deals with the period. Here’s one that was aptly named:

Long story short. Racism was *not* one of the factors leading to Nazi-ism. The factors that let to Nazi-ism were a military loss, national humiliation, and economic devastation…….none of which exist in the US today.

My grandfathers, and probably yours, too, fought against fascism in WW2. Being Antifa is simply another way of being patriotic.

Absolutely wrong. The moment you raise your fist in violence against another American*, regardless of how noxious you see their views, you are outside of any concept of “patriotism”. Patriotism is a commitment to the principles and defense of the Constitution of the USA, which I find oddly absent from your definition of patriotism, although mine INCLUDES the elements that you mentioned. HOWEVER, that commitment to principle and defense embraces the rule of law and rejects vigilantism.

(I should mention here that revolutionaries always consider themselves patriots. But if they lose, they are defined as traitors. It’s a harsh game.)

So, constitutionally, you may wear your masks and carry your banners and chant your slogans all you like. The moment you commit acts of vandalism or violence, you no longer have a flag to wrap yourself in. At least not one with Stars and Stripes. Same is true for anyone.

The comparison that many are making between Antifa and the Neo-Nazis is ahistorical and ludicrous.

Depends on the nature of the comparison. The two groups have different ideologies, but rely on similar tactics. For those of us outside both those groups looking in, we see two rabid dogs fighting it out.

Antifa is literally standing between white supremacists and their goal of killing or deporting huge sections of our country’s population.

I was not aware that the police were either (a) nonexistent, or (b) your enemy. Which is it? Because obviously, you consider them either absent or complicit with Nazi-ism to make that statement.

Lots of people would love to hear the answer as to why you don’t have any trust or faith in the police or the legal system.

As far as I’m concerned, white supremacy isn’t an issue of free speech, it’s about whether or not one is actually committed to the people of this country.

You offer here, a false choice. Free speech is universally applicable; it’s not even rational to enter it into the point you are attempting to make.

You’re absolutely correct about the second point; the issue on the table regarding political groups in general is how committed they are to the people of the country. And obviously, a group which is bigoted against a subsection of the population is not thusly committed.

THAT SAID, the point must be made that groups from all over the political spectrum would use different policies to show that “committed to the people” matter. A conservative wants to show that commitment with certain policies, a liberal wants to show it with another set of policies, etc.

But that brings us to the larger issue, here. Since capitalism has been shown again and again to be the only dependable system by which standards of living are raised, one can make the point that any group which is anti-capitalistic is “not committed to the people of the country”.

And, that brings us back to ….. Antifa.

A choice tidbit:

In his new book Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, Mark Bray places current antifa struggles within a larger political ideology that is explicitly anti-capitalist. He notes that antifa has historically brought together broad segments of the left, including anarchists, communists, and socialists. “Many anti-fascists will argue that you can’t really be an anti-fascist without being an anti-capitalist, because they argue that capitalism breeds the conditions for fascism,” says Bray.

Here’s some good advice. Choose your friends carefully. And remember the communist-era term “useful idiot”, to make sure you don’t become one.

Hope that helps.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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