Science and Logic, Reasserted

  • The SCEG stated that it is not possible to secure both safety/fairness AND the inclusion of trans women in women’s sport.
  • The previous emphasis of testosterone levels to determine inclusion and fair participation is failed strategy. (This finding agrees with the studies mentioned above and the IOC, which DID formally agree after Tokyo that focus on testosterone levels does not insure fairness).
  • So, a sports federation, in determining their participation guidelines, must decide between fairness and inclusion. Both are not possible.
  • The SCEG recommended that the determination of sex for the purposes of competition is sex-at-birth. This is a universal standard agreed to by all participatory nations.
  • They suggest that sports should be categorized in one of three categories. The choices would be (a) Trans-Inclusive (TI), where the unfairness in competition is accepted and acknowledged, (b) Female/Open, (F/O) meaning that the sport would be competed in both an Open category available to anyone who wishes to compete in it, and a category restricted to female-at-birth, and (c ) Unisex, where sex is not a factor in competition (think equestrian events).



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Kady M.

Kady M.


Free markets/free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is perfect and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.