But to your points, we pay very high property taxes here because about half goes to the local school systems. For example, I paid $10,000 per year and my school portion was $5,004. If they would only fund the schools another way our real estate taxes would drop in half. So I ask, what do other states do? How do they fund their schools?

Same here in Texas. I pay about 8K a year on a $320K valuation, and about half of that is school taxes.

Our claim to fame as a low tax state comes from having no income tax. We make it up on the property taxes.

Sales tax is 6.875% Too high!

We;re at 6.25% state, but the city of houston tacks on another 2% to fund the buses and rail.

The only reason I stay here is that medical facilities are pretty darn good and basically this is where the money is!

Dude. Texas Medical Center is world famous and the largest Center in the world. Come on down. You can live in a nice new apartment out in Brookshire for $800 ish, or buy a decent home out there for under 200K. And you’re minutes from massive shopping and all the satellite campuses for the Texas Med Center hospitals.

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