What the longest shutdown in U.S. History and President Trump’s inability to compromise mean for America

Rule one of negotiations: When negotiations break down, it;s both parties who have an inability to compromise, not just the one you don’t like.

There is currently no end in sight for this shutdown, considering President Trump’ recent walk out of a meeting

Mr. Trump walked out after asking Ms. Pelosi “If I open the government, will we have a deal on the wall in 30 days?”, to which she answered “no.” I would have walked out too. So would any rational individual. There is no purpose in negotiating with yourself.

The President is locked into a corner here

Not….really. This week, the GOP Senate will pass two Democrat-written bills on the matter in one package plus a resolution to reopen the government. Then it will go to the House, where the legitimate question should be put to the Dem leadership as to why a bill containing three things they want badly will be not passed just because it contains partial wall funding.

Should be interesting. This ball is going back into Nancy’s court, with spin on it.

Rep. Mac Thornberry (TX) the top Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, said this week that he opposes an emergency declaration to build the wall; along with him is Rep. Will Hurd, (Texas) whose district iwancludes 820 miles along the border, who has repeatedly spoken out about the wall and has voted against it (The Washington Post).

I can’t speak for Thornberry, but Hurd is NOT against a wall in general; he;s against a wall in his district, where high mountains already provide all the wall needed, for the most part. The Rio Grande does the rest.

Second, let’s look at the Democrats who are supporting building the wall.

Pity that, since the experts in the Border Patrol have consistently mentioned that about 700 miles of new wall would be very effective in their mission. Means the Dems are playing politics, and ignoring the experts.

But, if we look to Politifact, it says that this is false…

Odd, because the Washington Post, normally a go-to outlet for the Resistance, says otherwise.

The President is backed into a corner.

Nah. I’m a frequent traveler, so I feel this shutdown more than most. I am willing to wait in line an extra 10 minutes to see this debate, which has existed my entire lifetime (I’m 63) be brought to a conclusion.

Democrats aren’t willing to give Trump the full $5.6 billion without anything in return; if the President wants his wall paid in full, he will have to give in to the demands of DACA and other immigration protections (Vox).

Well, he did, and they still say NO.

This post of yours isn’t aging well.