That’s because I am willing to impeach him for things “lesser” than that.

Risky business. If a substantive part of Trump’s base believes he’s been railroaded, then you’re starting a cycle of elect-the-new-guy-and-impeach-him-immediately recriminations. You thought gridlock was bad under Bush-after Iraq and Obama? Just wait. You’re asking for far worse.

I have already enumerated his multiple violations of the Constitution.

Ah yes. Hotel rooms.

And we’ve already established that Flynn committed crimes that Trump not just said nothing about, but actively attempted to cover up.

No, you haven’t established that. “Give the guy a break” is not a cover up, and certainly not impeachable.

We’ve already established that multiple members of his campaign team/family met with Russians for unethical purposes, lied about it, and then got Trump to personally craft a public statement lying about it.

No, you’ve established that they met with Russians for the purposes of oppo research (common practice), lied about it (kind of embarrassing, that) and got Trump to do something irrelevant to the core issue.Again, pretty fucking tame.

We see his deranged behavior on a daily basis.

Subjective term; your opinion.

There SHOULD be ample reason by now to impeach him; that Republicans refuse to see what is right in front of them is an intellectual and moral failing on their part, not an evidentiary failing on mine.

Thank you for sharing your opinion on the matter. Rest assured it will be given all the consideration it deserves.

Are you suggesting that their active engagement in our 2016 election and manipulation of public sentiments were not hostile acts?

Buying a 100K worth of ads in a billion dollar campaign? No. Certainly not “hostile” in the military sense. Besides, if that’s “hostile”, then we need to revisit our behavior in both the last Israeli elections and the Brexit matter. Seems we’ve been more “hostile” than they, especially in that we’ve just this week sounded off on the Russian elections as well.

Or that the FBI, CIA, NSA, ODNI, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and numerous high-level government officials (including many Republicans) are all wrong about Russian meddling?

See above. Everyone agrees there was some “meddling”. When you ask them the SCOPE of that meddling, if it really changed anyone’s votes, everyone gets real quiet. Because to claim that it did might precipitate laughter.

Where were you for the entire 8 years of the Obama administration?

Here. Except for Fox and the right wing talkers (that adds up to about 5–10% of the total media) Obama’s coverage was highly positive. Now we’re seeing the other side of the coin, where the ONLY positive coverage is coming from Fox and the right wing talkers. If you think there’s even close to a comparision between those two scenarios, I have a bridge to sell you.

It was 2003. You’re reaching.

Nope. Tens of thousands of Americans are dead because of that “reach”. It was fairly major.

Besides, there’s a pattern here. Sheryl Atkinsson just came out with a nice list that makes any thinking person go “hmmmm”, and she’s far more generous than I; there have been events that draw into question how much “trust” the FBI and intel agencies deserve going back to the 50’s.

No agency, ever, is above oversight, and above having their actions questioned. If any of these agencies do become “above” being questioned, then we’re well on our way to having our very own Secret Police.

My understanding is that on average, our corporations were actually paying a tax rate very competitive with the world average.

Obviously false if somebody looks at the marginal rates. The World Average is 22.6%, while the all-in US rate was 39%. (We’re STILL above the world average, if you add in state taxes.)

If somebody is claiming that the effective rates were relatively similar, then they are offsetting the tax rates with tax shelters that only large corporations can avail themselves of and corporate welfare. Which makes them, and you, a fan of corporate welfare, and an opponent of small business, which can’t avail themselves of many of these breaks.

Again, simply put, there is a reason why all the Dems were all-in on corporate tax reform until Trump was going to get credit., There isn’t ANYONE who believes the situation was fair to the american worker, and all you have to do is look at how Germany and China and other countries are flipping out right now because they know that they’ve lost their gravy train.

On top of that, corporate share of tax burden as a percentage of GDP is near the lowest it has been since World War II. This tax bill is unlikely to improve their competitiveness, but it will allow them to ferret away even more money for bonuses. (

It;s really amazing how Democrats turned into the Fuck-the-little-guy party. Happened so fast.

Um, yeah. When it comes to massive, complex systems, a 30% change is huge. How long do you think it’s going to take to recover that 30%? A shitload longer than 10 years, I’ll wager.

Then let’s all hope that we get to 4% and stay there. Of course, we could always CUT something, but I’ve been an adult since the late 70’s, and I’ve never seen the government cut a single fucking thing, other than the sequester, and even that tiny amount of money caused a neocon dustup of mammoth proportions.

LOL. Obama was intelligent, thoughtful, and above all, practical.

Sorry. We did eight years with nothing accomplished but a universal health care plan that wasn’t universal, and provided health insurance nobody could use at a price they couldn’t afford (unless the government was picking up the tab.)

An ideologue would have pressed for a public option in the runup to the ACA.

He did. He had a revolt in his own party.

Sorry, but you are just painfully, sadly, utterly wrong on this one. Obama was practical to a fault, and the Republicans were happy to make him pay for it at every opportunity.

You’re an excellent apologist for a presidency that contained no lasting achievements.

Uh huh, and yet you keep moving the goal posts, ignoring presented evidence

Sorry, 2.04%. Who’se ignoring what?

We narrowly avoided another Great Depression

Oh, bullshit. That risk was never on the table. Get your head out of the lefty bubble.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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