Problem this time, though, is that the progressives saddled the wrong horse. And if they had saddled the RIGHT horse, you’d be looking at a progressive president and a woman president to boot.

Bernie never had more than a 0% chance of getting the nomination. He’s not a DEMOCRAT, for crying out loud. For some reason, this fact, that the Dems consider him an outsider that must be tolerated, was missed by almost everyone. Maybe it’s our lack of civics education in school; maybe it’s because the “PARTY FIRST, COUNTRY SECOND” dynamic of US politics is easily ignored. Or maybe it’s because Democrats are so busy accusing the GOP of being “PARTY FIRST, COUNTRY SECOND” they don’t notice that their own party is just as bad, even though that fact was amply demonstrated in 2016.

But, whatever. This entire year long campaign, the runup to the primary season, this theatre, was permitted by the Dems for one reason and one reason alone: To prevent Sanders from going 3rd party.

How many movies have you seen where the bad guys plot a murder, and say “OK, Bugsy, it’s got to look like an accident”? Same thing here. The Dems had to figure out a way to kill off Bernie’s chances while making it look like it was an organic decision by the electorate to choose another candidate.

At any rate. the fact that there were so many candidates in the mix this year gave the DNC an out; we saw this play itself out in real time. South Carolina, Klobushar out, Buttegeig out, Klobuchar endorses, Buttegeig endorses, Super Tuesday. It was the most interesting 72 hours of politics I’ve seen in the US….ever, and that’s saying somethin’.

But, and I’m sorry to have to point this out…..but the progressives did this to themselves. How? Because you demanded the more ideologically pure of the two viable progressive candidates. And since that candidate wasn’t a DEMOCRAT, you find yourself in the pickle you’re in.

Elizabeth Warren, folks, is a DEMOCRAT. If she had been in the position that Bernie was in prior to South Carolina, the DNC would have blessed her, and she’d be where Biden is right now. Take it to the bank.

And please, don’t start complaining to me about this or that which you didn’t like about her positions, because what you’re complaining about are nits. You know what (some) progressives didn’t like about her positions? Because she’s also an ECONOMIST, and she wants to create policies that WORK, and don’t destroy the economy in the process.

Now, to be sure, I’m no fan of Warren’s; I used to be somewhat of a fan, but then she got all political, and her policy proposals got more and more cynical and ideological as she pandered to the masses. But the larger point here is that there is a noxious subgroup of “progressives” out there that doesn’t just want progressive policies enacted; they want the streets littered with dead billionaires and broken corporations on top of it all.

Screw that. No politician that wants revenge along with liberal policies represents a “way forward”. If Denmark is your goal, you don’t have to destroy Americanism to get there — — you evolve to it.

But, I digress.

The point here is that the progressives, in making their ideologically pure choice, turned up their noses at the candidate who perhaps was only 80% pure, but had a distinct advantage over the purer choice.

Her advantage was that the Democrat Party would have let her win.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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