Obstruction IS a real crime.

Point here is that the obstruction would have to be overt. It’s going to hard to sell the idea that firing Comey (who doesn’t actually RUN the investigations, anyway; he’s the boss) is enough “obstruction” to turn Trump’s base.

Now, if it were proven that Trump had somebody investigating him threatened with death…….that would do it. See the difference?

I don’t really care whether Mueller has credibility with Trump’s base.

I know you don’t, but all Ryan is doing is watching the Trump favorability meter for GOP likely voters. Not in general, not registered voters, but LIKELY voters. If that needle doesn’t go South, he’s not going to consider impeachment, whatever Mueller comes up with.

They are brainwashed, brain dead, or a combination of the two.

I’m 63. I’ve been called those same names for my entire lifetime because of my advocacy for conservative policies. At some point, namecalling loses it’s “oomph” if you know what I mean.

Trump wasn’t wrong when he said he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and not lose votes.

Yea he was. He was being a hyperbolic blusterer. Like he’s prone to be. .

Why is it intolerable? Why would you want the President to be susceptible to bribery by foreign agents?

If I though a few room-nights at a hotel compromised the President, I’d agree with you. But I don’t.

If running for President requires one to eliminate the capability to personally enrich oneself at the expense of the country, or to be schmoozed by influence-peddlers, so be it. It’s disturbing to me that “conservatives” are so willing to overlook this obvious invitation to corruption.

There’s no reason to be disturbed. There’s a matter of scope here. Scoring a few room-nights isn’t an invitation for corruption. That’s like arguing that George Washington should have sold Mount Vernon because the French Ambassador might buy a few bushels of apples.

Now, if the SCOPE was different, let’s say that the President owned (and refused to divest) his own fleet of oil tankers, and we were faced with a situation where the President’s net worth could be SUBSTANTIALLY altered by actors wishing to bribe or blackmail, I’d agree with you entirely.

But for a few hotel rooms? Please.

Foreign leaders are currying favor with the President by directly lining his pockets. If you think he isn’t vulnerable to favoritism towards sycophants and donors, you haven’t been paying attention.

Ah. I was wondering when your argumentation would devolve to an ad hominem.

Yes, of course, if we were all as fucking smart as you, and as well read as you, we’d agree with you. 100% of America would all be agreeing that Trump had to go, we’d all be members of your political party, and we’d all be members of your religion (or be atheists, if that’s the way you roll.)

But, while we have you on the subject, and knowing you’re so sensitive to foreign influence, what was your take on the Clinton Foundation and Clinton GI, taking in tens of millions of dollars all over the world while Mrs. Clinton was the sitting Sect of State and heir apparent to Obama? And the fact that those donations dropped precipitously the moment she lost the election? Do you really believe (a) there’s no fire causing that smoke, and (b) that that was certainly a much larger exposure than Trump, in that the hotel business is so granular as to how it realizes its profits?

Looking forward to your comment.

But, let me throw you a life preserver. What could get me to change my mind on the Trump situation would be if an organization attached to an international ally or foe had booked, say, an entire Trump resort for a year, without anyone actually STAYING there.

That would catch my attention. But no, I don’t give a shit that a visiting dignitary stays in a Trump property for a few nights while visiting DC.

Trump’s base won’t move away from him for anything.

Well, if you believe THAT, then he’s finishing his first term, and all this Russiagate stuff is just blowing smoke.

The remaining 70% of the population still capable of rational thought can and should be motivated to take action.

Well, most of America stops paying attention to politics between presidential elections, and even in election years, only 55% of them show up at the polls. So, I’m not sure where you think this groundswell of activism is going to come from.

Sorry, but that is just stunningly naive. To begin with, almost the only thing in the POTUS job description is talking.

Well, I’d say THAT is stunningly naive. The Executive sets the overall direction on policy, the most relevant portion of which is economic policy. Carville was always right, “It’s the economy, stupid”.

Do you really not see the consequences of Trump’s “constant running of his mouth (and fingers)?” He continues to alienate allies, suck up to autocrats, antagonize enemies, shred the principles of the Constitution that our country is founded on, attack the institutions that keep us safe, coddle violent racists, debase the office of POTUS, and generally embarrass us as a nation on a daily basis. How are you okay with that?

Laughs. Well, some of that shit has been going on forever. Our foreign policy has never shied away from autocrats nor antagonizing enemies. Not sure why things that have been going on forever are suddenly so upsetting to you. I don’t remember electing a single president who was an angel. :-)

As for the rest, well, let’s just point out that nothing’s been “shredded”, nobody’s been “coddled”, and we went through the “debased and embarrassed” phase before when Bill did Monica on the Oval Office floor.

You might want to take a deep breath and remember that strong emotions are the enemy of reason.

But sure, other than those things, he has been pretty “garden variety Republican”: lying about everything under the sun (literally…see his claims about the weather on inauguration day), and stealing from the poor to give to the rich (see the tax bill, which will enrich him and his children to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars). How can you claim to be a conservative and still be okay with this President?

Well, having STUDIED the final tax bill that came out, it’s clear that it‘’s far better than where we currently are. 80.5% of Americans will get a tax cut, with the largest % tax cuts in the lower upper and upper middle zones. I’d rather have seen that skewed a bit down to the middle/middle, but nothing’s perfect. In politics, you can never let the perfect be the enemy of the practical.

I think the fact that the rich got a tax cut at all (by “rich”, lets think in terms of combined AGI’s over 400K or so) is regrettable, but that tax cut does not (contrary to current political rhetoric) extend to the billionaire class. The tax breaks the upper .1% lost offset their tax gains, so that the result for them should be net/net over the next 10 years. However, the rest of the upper 5% did get a tax break they didn’t need.

That all said, if a tax policy is good for the nation’s economy as a whole it would be madness not to implement it simply because the “billionaires” might benefit.

On the corporate side, it’s a slam dunk. Here’s an article from a German think take, saying, essentially, that if the US passes their tax reform bill, the Germans are fucked:

And, of course, it must be remembered that the Democrats were also for lowering the corporate tax rate too, until they realize that Trump would get credit. Funny how things change.

And then, there’s the matter of his strict adherence to core conservative economic principles. Tons of deregulation which are already sending GDP levels higher, wages up, and unemployment lower. We could never get those three factors working together under Obama, although I am not entirely sure if the fault lies with overtaxation, overregulation, or the Fed messing with shit behind the scenes.

Hope that helps.

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Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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