Over the years, I have observed that leftists believe their proposals to be so sublime and without flaw that no reasonable person could object to them.

So, any failure of those proposals to gain traction with the citizenry *must* be caused by untoward manipulation of the electoral process, a dishonest media, and/or propaganda. In other words, everyone other than they are either supporting the existing evil system for evil reasons, OR they are propagandized, OR they are morons. (Hence the terminology, “woke”. )

Their failure to see that reasonable voters disavow themselves of large government and high tax proposals for solid, historical reasons insures that they will continue driving their cars in an infinite loop …… infinitely, most likely.

Here’s a good example that just went down in the US. Elizabeth Warren has proposed a “wealth tax” vetted on high net worth individuals that would, in part, fund a universal national single payer health insurance scheme. Since she made this proposal, various other organizations and individuals have checked her math; all have stated that the wealth tax would bring in between 30% and 70% of what she estimates, depending on how long the time horizon is that you do the math for.

And SOME of these organizations and individuals are partisan Democrat with a great deal of public budgeting experience. BUT, any and all of these objections are slandered by her campaign as either being GOP partisans or biased towards the rich.

The myopia here is quite amazing, actually. It stands to reason that any wealth tax which results in the wealthy becoming LESS wealthy (which she readily admits her scheme does) over time will take in less in taxes over time (which she then, amazingly, denies).

It is a rather vivid example of how the politicos try to hoodwink the public, thinking that the public is either stupid, won’t notice, or will be so giddy about the benefits of the proposal that they’ll overlook the obvious flaws in the funding mechanism and what those flaws mean to them and the nation over time.

In the case of the wealth tax, the tax would take in less and less tax money each year as the wealth of the rich decline. However, the decrease is not straight-line; the funding gap grows more rapidly in the out years….AFTER the plan has become an irrevocable part of US national fabric, AND after Warren has served her two terms, and is safely out of politics away from the fallout. :-)

At that point, there would be no choice other than to look to middle class tax increases to make up the shortfall.

Heinous, but I’m come to expect that from politicians, these days. :-(

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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