Oh, sweet Jesus. :-)

It has all the same false arguments and misleading, sometimes outright false, data and charts. It asserts as facts conclusions and claims that are contradicted by multiple observations of climate in the past.

Feel free to refute the datasets you question, then. Just posting a bunch of links and taking cheap shots at me isn’t a refutation. And why aren’t you taking your shots at the OP?

Your claps imply acceptance, if not agreement. Your use of the term “most fervent denialist” puts you in the camp of those who use such pejorative terms to silence their opponents with slander rather than argument.

Ironic, seeing that you are using pejorative terms to slander ME, rather than laying out your arguments.

I don’t consider, it should be said, the term “most fervent denialist” to be a pejorative in the least. It is an accurate term which describes perfectly a person’s position on CC and AGW. For the record, I often refer to the other “side” as “alarmists”, which is much more pejorative, semantically speaking.

So, that paragraph you wrote is just fucked up entirely. Care to rewrite it? Rethink it?

Your approval of the original article with “Tremendously appreciate the work” supports my conclusion that you buy into the article’s claims and conclusions, even if not every detail.

You may conclude whatever you like, although you’d be wrong in this case.

Although in general, it’s good to actually ASK people their position rather than “conclude” it.

Given that vast amount of solid science that is in contradiction to the AGW theory, and the contentiousness in science over this issue, I believe I am on solid ground to claim that anyone who accepts the AGW theory outright and without serious reservation is gullible.

Well, since you qualified your statement with both “outright” and “serious reservation”, how can anyone disagree. :-)

So, it sounds to me like you’re OK with somebody that believes some ASPECTS of the AGW theory are OK, while looking at other AGW claims with some skepticism. Which pretty much describes my view of the topic to a “T”. Meaning we agree.

Anything else?

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Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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