Are There Good Billionaires?

Of course. Bad ones too.

In my considered opinion, the very existence of billionaires is a threat to the security of our nation.

Nonsense. It depends what they DO with the money. And very few activities threaten national security.

Presidential candidates are now spending in the range of $1 billion to get elected. Where are they going to get that kind of money?

Well, nobody even throws their hat in the ring without already having a list of backers who have told the candidate they are all in. Would be nice if the candidate had to declare who their backers are the day they declare for the office.

The US has been drifting towards a feudal, oligarchic form of society for generations.

Well, both parties have become corporatist, and one conflates conservativism as corporatism. That’s oligarchic, I suppose, but not necessarily feudal.

Why do you suppose that the US is the only major power that does not have single-payer health insurance, for example?

Uh, I don’t know who you consider a “major power”, but most of Europe does not use a single-payer insurance system. They have universal systems, but their model is not single payer.

People don’t become billionaires by giving their money to the poor.

No, they often do it afterwards, though.

They may make concessions of the sort that the Fabian Society advocated — “crusts of bread and such” — to soothe the passions of the lower classes, so that they aren’t tempted to challenge the class system itself.

Personally, I think it useless to impune the motives of charitable giving. Few people are totally altrustic. I’m not sure billionaires have motives which are any more or less heinous than the average joe.

It is in the interest of our national security to impose confiscatory taxes on wealth above a certain fixed limit, both to finance useful improvements for the nation, and to limit the ability of self-interested parties to harm the interests of the nation.

Yea, it’s always a good idea for a nation to chase away it’s most successful citizens. :-)

But, what of it? A tax on wealth would be unconstitutional, most probably.

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