Donald Trump could easily bumble his way into a disaster for the Iranian people. So my profound hope is that the he and his government do nothing.

“Nothing” has so many nuances, though. :-). The last time the good people of Iran raised their heads and tried to say “enough” back in 2009, the US *did* do nothing; and was roundly criticized for it.

This feeling about Trump isn’t limited to Iran policy. I won’t recount the myriad ways that I abhor the President and everything he represents. They are far too numerous to mention.

Well, that sort of sums up your article. If the US were to do “X” (whatever that is), you’ll criticize it, because Trump. However, had this all happened 18 months ago, and the government did “X”, one cannot escape the feeling that you would have been a full-throated supporter, because Obama.

Fast-forward a few years, and we now have a president who was elected on “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the US.”

Well, that’s not QUITE true, is it? As a Muslim myself, I have been very attuned to the *specifics* of what the President has actually proposed; and a blanket, permanent ban on entry based on religion was never proposed or even alluded to. The WaPo article neatly minimizes the temporary nature of the proposal alluded to on the 12/7/15 speech, and the context of the comments, which was the day after Orlando.

Obviously, if you read through the WaPo article, there’s a lot of ignorance and confusion coming from Trump, there. But there’s a refreshing amount of unfiltered reality, too. Terrorists and national actors (Iran) claiming to be acting out of necessity due to religious belief have scared the beejeezus out of America and Americans.

As Muslims, we are OFTEN blind to this, sometimes intentionally. We know, from our own knowledge and practice, that committing acts violence is the furthest thing from our minds. We EXPECT, unrealistically, with the media trumping the violent behaviors of religious actors 24x7, that Americans will somehow magically ignore the media and believe us when we tell them that we are all kittens.

PLEASE. The national actors such as Iran, through actions and rhetoric, AND the non-governmental players (Al Queda, ISIS), AND the independent terrorist actors have given the American people plenty of reasons to distrust Muslims; Trump’s comments are relaying the thoughts of tens of millions of Americans in an unfiltered way. And quite frankly, there is nothing wrong (and nothing discriminatory) with the US saying “Time out, we’re going to hold up visas from certain countries until we’re sure we have a handle on who is coming in.”

President Trump has responded with unhelpful tweets and threats that the “U.S. is watching!”

Are they unhelpful? I thought this particular tweet, very unusual for Trump, was actually a good one. There is nothing wrong with reminding the old turbaned greybeards that they are, like it or not, part of a global community which controls their economy to some extent.

Meanwhile, a fast-approaching deadline will force Trump to decide whether to continue waiving US sanctions on Iran and certify their compliance with the nuclear deal or follow through with his irresponsible vows to pull out of the agreement.

Hm. “Irresponsible.” Is it irresponsible to want to pull out of something that was agreed upon irresponsibly to begin with?

Indeed, Trump has done everything exactly wrong in dealing with Tehran from the moment that he decided to run until today.

Maybe. But one of the interesting things about Trump is that he seems to use his list of campaign promises as a to-do list, and screw the consequences. Because the Iran “deal” was an obvious end around by the Obama Administration to (a) cut out Congress from their Constitutional duty of treaty ratification whilst encumbering the next administration with the terms of the deal, AND (b) denied the other major regional players (Israel, Saudi Arabia) a seat at the negotiation table whilst negotiating a deal which affects regional stability greatly…..I suspect that Trump might be both pissing off Tehran whilst restoring some semblance of political balance to the region.

(I have plenty of relatives living in Syria and Arabia, btw. The Syrian situation was very much improved by Trump, largely, keeping us OUT of there (compared to the full throated invasion that was expected if Mrs. Clinton had been elected) and letting the invited partner of the Syrians (the Russians) do most of the heavy lifting. The Americans did a nice job getting the rats out of Raqqa and helped in Mosul, mostly through their long-standing alliances with the Kurds. This leads to an inevitable conflict with the Kurds in Northern Syria (nothing the Kurds want more than an independent Kurdistan, and nothing Turkey wants LESS than an independent Kurdistan) but for the moment Assad appears willing to let the US-backed Kurds handle the security work in Northern Syria.)

Are you of the opinion that stabilizing Syria is not in the best interests of Iran? If so, I’d love to hear you make that case.

There are ups and downs in all immigrant stories, but rarely is there such a period of stable leadership and growing sense of community followed immediately by such chaos, incompetence, and bad faith.

See above. I can see why you believe that, but it’s an entirely Iranian-centric view of the matter. It’s entirely possible that what’s bad for Tehran is good for regional stability. Time will tell. You’re looking at this from the perspective of the Iranian actors only; there are MANY other stakeholders in all this, including the American people themselves, as alluded to above.

They need recognition that they are part of a larger global movement and the space and support to take back their country.

Yea…..that’s kind of what “The world is watching” means. But you didn’t like that, because Trump.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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