His ragey, hateful, self-perjuring, conspiratorial face.

Not what I saw. I saw a man confronting politicians who had set him up in an attempt to destroy him.

You’re him now. Today’s vote to confirm Kavanaugh will work in Democrats’ favor, and eventually America’s as well.

Interesting fantasy, that the politics of personal destruction (in this case, both accused and accuser were destroyed by the Dems) will turn out to work in the destroyer’s favor.

That is, until Republicans came up with a game-changer.

Sure. Since Harry Reid had already game-changed the process for all but the SCOTUS, and the Democrats signalling that they intended to abandon their constitutional role of “advise and consent” for “full obstruction”, it was in the best interests of the nation to do so.

The first Republican game-changer came in 2016 after President Obama nominated Garland. The GOP refused to allow his nomination to come to committee, a historic act of obstruction that was totally within the rules.

True. and didn’t involve, btw, any personal attacks on Judge Garland. That’s important here, we’ll come back to it.

Kavanaugh, the potential doombringer to Roe v. Wade and Obergefell v. Hodges and everything else Democrats held dear, was up for nomination.

This is silly. First, Kavanaugh is one of nine; this shifts the center from Kennedy to Roberts, which is not that huge of a shift. Secondly, after 12 years on the DC Circuit, Kavanaugh votes with Garland 93% of the time. So, he’s hardly a right wing zealot, unless you believe Garland was, as well.

Without a new strategy, they’d lose the court for a generation.

Well, if you’d get up off your lazy asses and do the hard work of SELLING America on your ideas and supporting legislation to bring that to fruition, then you wouldn’t be so upset about the Court, now, would you?

At best, the Senate Democrats were looking at a 1-in-3 chance, but it felt much less likely.

That’s a 33% chance of taking the Senate. The pollsters (Nate Silver, Nate Cohn) now have those chances at 28%. How you “feel” about it doesn’t matter.

Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony showed that Kavanaugh was a monster; Kavanaugh’s testimony showed that he was the worst kind of monster. He was the second coming of Trump: an entitled, angry, sexually predacious white man.

You really should write for The Onion. Maybe you are. This has the feeling of political satire.

Senate Democrats aimed to stand up against that kind of monster, and show who was on the side of justice. And then they expected him to get on the court anyway.

Yes. And with Spartacus leading them, they made utter fools of themselves. On display for all America to see.

We’re beyond this, btw. Dr. Ford was sexually assaulted in 1982, allegedly by Judge. Kavanaugh. However, Dr. Ford was fucked in 2008, most definitely by the Democrats. They threw her to the wolves for political gain, and America saw it.

It was beyond politics. It was evil.

One by one, Senate Democrats — Feinstein, Harris, Klobuchar, Booker, Durbin, Whitehouse — exposed Senate Republicans as defenders of sexual violence.

Incorrect, two reasons:

  1. The sexual violence was uncorroborated. Women like myself, who are very aware of this problem and want to see it stopped, still believe in due process and the presumption of innocence in the absence of corroborated evidence. Ergo, this was not about “defending” sexual violence. At least not for those of us who are sane. It was about defending the principles of fairness which we adhere to.
  2. It is quite obvious that the Democrats set up Dr. Ford because they wanted this spectacle, even though she did not. So, they made themselves out to be the fools. When they saw that their gambit was not working, they came up with some other, even less feasible accusers, and their insistence that those were credible made the Senators even less believable.

It’s up to women to decide if they want to be represented by men who silence women.

This is a logical fallacy knows as the false choice.

Democrats are likely to wave-crush the House Republicans, as satisfied Republicans kick back and relax, pleased as punch with their short-term victory.

The reasons we have elections is because we don’t know who will win before we do.

But, the early returns are the opposite of what you suppose. The GOP is furious, and this appears unlikely subside. Real Clear Politics, in the last week, shifted nine House seats from “tossup” to “leans GOP”. Even today, Nate Cohn was tweeting about how the path to the House majority leads though the tossup seats; the seats which favor the Democrats are 14 short of the House majority. The Dems still must be favored, but they’re 14 short of locking it down.

Related: the Generic House ballot has moved from 8% in favor the Dems to 6.6% in the last two weeks.

In the Senate, several races have moved to the GOP as this drama unfolded. Blackburn, in the seat that Schumer said was a “must win” to get control of the Senate, is starting to take a lead and is closing on on the margin of error. Beto is toast in Texas, as Cruz pads HIS lead. And McCaskill, having led by small margins for months, is now losing by a small margin.

Now Mitch McConnell is done. Lindsey Graham is done. Portrait-of-enabling Susan Collins is for-reals done; her 2020 opponent has raised $3 million already and doesn’t even exist yet. They’re all done.

None of them have ever been stronger.

When Democrats take the House in 2018 and the Senate and presidency in 2020, then the battle for the court will actually begin. We’ll have a president who seriously considers the possibility of court-packing. Kavanaugh might be impeached. The retirements of Ginsburg and Breyer will reshape the court. We will win because we didn’t get Amy Coney Barrett or someone more capable on the court. We will win because the Senate put Donald Trump on it.

That’s just silly.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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