Their wealth and influence has been used ruthlessly to amass more and ever more to the great detriment of my country, countrymen and the very earth.

Not seeing how.

There’s nothing “ruthless” about this. Take Bezos, for example. Bezos has created nothing, nor invented anything. All he’s done is piece together a new supply chain that has enabled millions of people to obtain object possessions cheaper and more efficiently. In doing so, he’s routed the profits from a gazillion smaller businesses into his own pocket, which is kind of what happens historically when you run a business more efficiently than your competitors. Sears did it in the early 1900’s, then KMart did it, then Wal Mart did it, and finally Amazon did it. Same business model, just improve the supply chain and gain economies of scale.

Know who’s to blame for Bezos being a gazillionaire? You and me. We’re cheap and lazy, so we buy from Amazon, thus putting other companies out of business. That’s not Bezos’ fault, it’s ours.

But, more broadly, all that stuff that you’re blaming the rich for would have happened without them — — it’s caused by globalization and automation. And our politicians of both parties have been expeditiously signing agreements beneficial to corporations rather than citizens for quite some time now.

They’ll take their money and influence to where? China? Russia? Africa?

I doubt they go anywhere in any great numbers, although anyone who has lived abroad can easily make the case that there are plenty of other places with the same quality of life or better, particularly if you have money. I’ve lived both here and in India. Here, I’m an upper middle class shlep; on that same money in India, I had a driver, a cook, a maid, and when I needed a hospital……good lord they have some nice facilities and good doctors.

What they’ll do is what rich people always do when their money supply gets attached — — that is, change their economic structure to minimize taxation, an action which *often* (not always, but often) negatively impacts people at the lower end of the food chain. Look for the net worth of these individuals to drop in half over a decade, and not because of any “wealth tax” — — its because they’ll find a way to skirt the system legally, and leave us holding an empty cash bag from which Sanders and Warren’s unfulfilled promises were supposed to be paid from.

Tax them at the same rate as most working people at the very least to start.

They’re already taxed at far more. You’re confusing the 185,000-odd earners which make up the “1%” with the 2,000 or so individuals like Warren Buffet who can take advantage of carried interest. Never the twain should meet.

I wouldn’t lose sleep if those rates were 70 or 80%.

Of course you wouldn’t, you’re burning up with envy.

They don’t create jobs, demand for a product or service does!

BINGO! Crowd goes wild. The “rich guy” is a commodity item. If you roll back the clock and remove Gates, Jobs, and Bezos from the earth on the day of their birth, there is still a Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon in 2019. For every filthy rich individual, there’s a dozen people who “almost made it” and who are ticked off because they had objective too, but they got beat to the punch.

The workers that give them their lives and youth earn that money for them through sweat and blood.

Right. Because those workers had no other choice of employer. :-)

It’s time to bring the current gilded age to a close.

Well, it’s closing anyway. Peak living standards in the US were in the 60’s and 70’s, when prices were much lower relative to income, and middle class families could afford to have mom stay at home with the kids.

The boomers had to live in an economic environment which was much less congenial than the one they were raised in. The inflation run that started in the late 60’s relative to wage left us with families where two earners were required to maintain the standard of living that previously required only one.

And that trend has continued, relatively uninterrupted, since then. In the early 60’s, the median house cost the median annual salary; today, it’s more like 4X.

So the problem faced by those entering the workforce are real; but you’re blaming the wrong people, and by doing so, you’re supporting the wrong solutions.

Hope that helps.

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