Primarily, it is now irrefutable that the Republican party has been fully transformed into a white nationalist party, tinged with fascist tendencies,

No, that’s opinion stated as fact. And not a very well informed one, either.

The focus on the mythical “caravan invasion” has received the usual verbal tut-tuts from Republican has-beens like Flake and Corker but no real pushback from any element of the Republican party.

So, your opinion is that it’s no big deal. That’s fine. Others disagree.

The same can be said about Trump’s threat to birthright citizenship and the deployment of the military for purely political purposes with orders to commit war crimes at a potential cost of $200 million.

So much to deal with there:

  1. The POTUS is within his rights to issue an EO on birthright citizenship. There will be an injunction before the ink is dry. The system is working.
  2. Obviously, if you have the *opinion* that the caravan crossing into our country is no big deal, you would also hold the opinion that sending the military to secure the border is a stunt. Others disagree.
  3. There have been no orders to commit war crimes.
  4. Yes, having a military is expensive. Whether you use them or not.

The absurdity of this lie only highlighted that fact that Republicans really had nothing to run on but fear and racism.

It’s somewhat telling that you had to rely on a blog post as a reference for the allegation of racism.

Remarkably, but yet unsurprisingly, the media has managed to cover this racist barrage poorly in two ways.

Well, the media rushing to follow the bright, shiny object is nothing new.

Similarly, Trump’s equally absurd promise to amend the US Constitution by executive order

He never suggested he could do that, but carry on. Accuracy seems not to be an interest of yours.

Both of these incidents were carried out by men who were steeped in the racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric from Trump, the GOP, and the alt-right.

One was, the other was not. Most anti-semitism in the US comes from the left, it should be said.

Yes, the “caravan” story will disappear, just like the Ebola scare in 2014.

And, the Kavanaugh incident, which the left used to create a negative attack. Same strategy.

But Trump’s and the GOP’s racism and xenophobia will continue well beyond the election. Stephen Miller admitted as much in an interview with Mackay Coppins, saying that in 2016 Trump had promised to “enforce an extremely tough immigration policy, crack down on illegal immigration, deport people who were here illegally, improve our vetting and screening, and all these other things.

None of that is either racist nor xenophobic. And every GOP presidential candidate promises to do those things, it should be said. Trump is rather unique in that he views his campaign promises as a to-do list.

Lindsey Graham will introduce a bill to revoke birthright citizenship.

It should be pointed out there that the US public is rather split on the question of birthright citizenship. And if Graham focuses that bill on the children of two parents here illegally, it will probably be a popular bill, drawing all the GOP, most of the independents, and the Democrat centrists.

There will be a new family separation policy or another challenge to the Flores agreement. Trump will continue to attempt to restrict asylum claims and his assault on both legal and undocumented immigrants.

Well, it’s within his purvey as POTUS to do so.

And he will continue to use the military as props for his political ambitions. He’s being doing that before and since he became elected and there is no reason for him to stop now. The only real question is how far he can force the military to go in order to achieve his political goals.

Hm. Nonsense that turns into paranoia.

Of course, the GOP’s racism extends to the extensive voter suppression efforts around the country.

Well, there you go again.

Bored now.

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