Oh that’s so classically 1984 of you…and slavery is freedom and war is peace too. As long as Kady trust these institutions, we can all rest easy! Thanks for the assurances Kady.

No problem. And it’s not 1984; it’s faith in our system of checks and balances. Something you seem to lack.

ut trust is EARNED, and if these institutions are fundamentally untrustworthy and lack integrity, they should be undermined.

Of course.

But nobody is credibly suggesting that our institutions are trustworthy.

(Although, I forgot: Is the FBI trustworthy today or not? They were trustworthy when involved with the Russia probe, but not with the Kavanaugh probe.)

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely- and here in America the corruption is certainly getting out of hand at all levels of society, and it is sickening.

There’s nothing wrong with high standards, but you might consider how realistic it is for a nation as large and as diverse as ours to score higher than we do:

On a worldwide basis…..we’re not very corrupt.

The PRTC, that a public transportation entity where I live, proposed to take $666,000 (I shit you NOT about the number) to defund a Department that provided critical public safety oversight and hire three people, at a salary of 200k plus, to do nothing jobs.

There are indeed certain local jurisdictions that have a lot of rats in the cellar. I’m in Texas, where we don’t have much of that.

And they should be. The systems which benefit corporations are usually very destructive to life, but the corporations have the money. So that’s who the politicians are constantly trying to appease and this has deeply corrupted this country and this is a critical point where the breaks need to be put on Trump’s hyper corrupt, practices -so I do hope the Dems take over one of those branches of government. They may put the brakes on some of the deeply corrupt stuff Trump is doing, but then again they might not.

The larger problem that we’ve continued to have over the years is that Republicans continue to conflate conservativism with corporatism. The two are not the same, and the GOP (and the Dems, for that matter) are both corporatists, with only a slight difference in degree.

The real game is tricking people into believing there is any difference between a Dem and a Pub. Really, there can’t be that much difference, but the small differences that there are, make a difference with regard to peoples ability to live.

Sure. If you look at it on a worldwide basis (using the worldwide defintiions of “conservative” and “liberal”:

So, both parties run candidates who are authoritarian and right-leaning, based on policy analysis. It’s simply a matter of degree.

Now, as a libertarian myself (Milton Friedman would fall in the purple zone close to the horizontal line, about halfway to the right) you’d think that I’d be more interested in the Democrats (Obama’s dot is in about the same place as Clinton’s) but what drops me to the GOP is economic policy; the GOP’s economic policies are far LESS authoritarian than the Dems, who are in love with regulation. So, although on average the GOP are more authoritarian…..I personally have strong economic instincts.

And people like you blow my mind because clearly the Pubs dint give a damn about you…but I get it. You wanna align with the current power structure, that has always been white and male.

Answered above. As a 63 year old woman who is not-quite-white by US standards, I don’t have any “woman’s issues” (never did, really) nor any “racial issues”. My issue is the economy. Period. If that’s strong, my experience is that everything else starts to fall into place. It might not this time because so many people are incensed by Trump, but if we miss out on an economic rise because of emotions over political rhetoric, we all lose.

Do you know why I engage you in these debates? To watch and learn how deeply Trump has changed the art of rhetoric, and how even reasonable people will twists the fundamental rules of it to meet their very self-serving ends. But hats off to you, you are far, far more reasonable than most who have adopted Trump’s rhetorical style.

Pfft. Trump has no rhetorical style. If you ask me my overall impression of him, I agree he’s a nightmare.

But he’s an nightmare with solid economic people on his staff that I have followed for a decade (Navarro, Ross) and I like those people. I thought they could bring us out of the Obama economic malaise, and I was right; I also think that in general, the foreign policy has been spot on, getting us out of an Iran deal which was only good for US and European corporations, and the progress on North Korea has been quite good.

And no, I don’t agree that the GOP has been holding their votes in an underhanded way. Everything the GOP knows about gerrymandering they learned from the Democrats, who used the technique to hold the House for over 40 years after the Depression.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.