Are We Really a Nation Full of Nazis?

No. Maybe a couple of percent of people not in wheelchairs have white supremacist/nationalist views.

Surely there are 20,000 people in the US right now who would pledge their loyalty to a neo-Nazi state.

More, probably. 20K is a rounding error of 320M. I’d go with about 2% of all adults, so maybe 5M. But a lot of them will be in wheelchairs.

The best way to ensure that the emboldened Nazi menace doesn’t rise to become a threat to the nation is to call out hate when you see it and (this is very important!) not to return hate for hate.


Any time the antifascist movement reacts with violence or professed hatred, it will rightly be seen as counterproductive. Political strategists might even use such incidents as excuses for labeling the Antifa movement as a hate group in its own right.

Well, they ARE a hate movement. They’re also anti-capitalist, and behave like vigilantes. We dont have to pick between two rabid dogs, and if we do, remember that a rabid dog will come back to bite you after they kill the other dog.

. Where Trump seemed to designate the White Supremacists and the Antifa’s as morally equivalent, we must be more exact. The far right is responsible for far more violence than the far left.

Depends on your time horizon, and how you define the group, and how you classify the event. Historically, the left is pretty damn bloody too. I wouldn’t go around trumpeting any set of this-worse-than-this stats; they could change in the blink of an eye.

Similarly, we must not dehumanize the alt-right by reducing them to a caricature. When the alt-right marchers at Charlottesville chanted “you will not replace us,” it was an expression of fear — fear of being pushed out of the privileged spaces, pushed out of their jobs, which have been under threat from a long-faltering economy, fear of the loss of status and opportunity.

I keep hearing this “they were afraid” line. I doubt fear was their motivation.

It seems almost like this is a deliberately hyped event created and publicized to generate the all-important “clicks” or “eyeballs,” as we used to call it.

Well, others have written extensively about this. It looks very much like the event was in some ways ……well, “staged” is the wrong word. Perhaps better to say that the “authorities” allowed two groups to interact without intervention, for the purpose of formenting chaos, and to create a political narrative. I think we’re agreeing.

It’s not a good situation if true.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.