You’ve shifted the goal posts from the bible to the New Testament.

No, I was responding to YOUR shifting of the discussion to a debate between oral and written tradition. And yes, of course I’m referring to “evidence that has survived”, because that of course the only basis of common discussion that is possible. I am well aware of the controversies involved in the assembly of the New Testament canon and the issues you refer to in the common usage of the Old Testament.

And yet you are lecturing people that they shouldn’t go to church

Straw man. Never lectured anyone. What I *suggested*, if you wish me to flesh out my thought completely, is that Jesus emphasized (both in teaching and by modeled behavior) personal prayer, fasting, and charity as the key activities which bring the believer closer to God; He did not suggest that a congregational worship service was a key activity.

There is nothing controversial about that observation.

ME: “You cannot, from the New Testament writings alone, derive the belief that the Sunday Church Service is either central or essential to Christian worship.”

YOU: Hebrews 10:25, and some other quotes which affirm that early Christian worship was in the habit of having weekly meetings, but do not refute my assertation.

Fair enough. I withdraw my use of the term “essential”, but not the use of the term “central.”

Wrong, see above. You never read the bible.

Sorry. Wrong. Read it many times.

“And when you put Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants in a room, the only thing they are going to agree on is the canon of the New Testament.”

Why don’t you put Muslims and Hindus in the same room?

We can, if you like. Although I doubt most care about what would be an intraChristian debate.

And here you are, as a Kafir, a filthy unbeliever

What are you talking about? I’m an observant Muslim, as is clear from my short medium bio.

Let me explain to you one last time: it’s not in your purview to divide the world into Christian and Islam and say what their source texts are.

It is not in your purview to tell me I am not entitled to an opinion. You are free to disagree with it, as you obviously do. You are free to believe I have no idea what I’m talking about, just as I am free to believe that you have no idea what you are talking about.

That’s kind of how intellectual freedom works, after all.

But, more to the point, all this angst on your part stems from me making a simple observation of something that is in writing: that the New Testament (originally described as a “source document”) does not make the Sunday worship service out to be central to Christian worship, an assertion that Hebrews 10:25 does not dispute.

For some reason known only to you, this rather simple observation emotionally enraged you. Disagreement with my observation was certainly possible without anger, but you chose anger. No telling why.

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