Is it because you are not in a high-risk age group?

No. I actually AM in a high risk age group. Sorry to burst your rhetorical bubble. :-)

I actually believe that Covid-19 poses a greater risk for the reason you cite. As a counterfactual, imagine that Covid-19 killed 2% of those infected randomly, irrespective of age or socioeconomic status. Then everyone would be equally fearful, with the same incentive to self-isolate and to quarantine. Public health officials would also be much more proactive than they have been.

Ah, OK. So you’re into the “scare the shit out of everyone so they can be easily manipulated” way of thinking. I can’t say I agree with that tactic, actually, but it is one that is commonly seen.

Instead, the perception is that if you are under the age of 50 and in reasonably good health, you most likely will have a mild case of Covid-19 if you contract it.

That’s not a perception, that’s a statement of fact.

That reduces your incentive to self-isolate before infection and to quarantine after infection, for the obvious reason that fear of one’s own death is greater than the fear that others will die.

That only holds true if the person is stupid. There is no cure for stupidity; it is something we have to live with. Anyone with a modicum of sense knows that even if they don’t become sick, they can still be a vector.

The idea that Covid-19 is wiping out mainly old people — who don’t have many years to live regardless — seems to have slowed the urgency of public health officials in the US, especially Trump.

I would like to see some data that backs up that statement, particularly in light of the fact that the POTUS is in his mid-seventies. Otherwise, I would have to put it in the category of “unsubstantiated speculation bordering on conspiracy theory”.

Finally, your last sentence — that Covid-19 works “in favor of those who take healthy living seriously” — is incredibly insulting and wrong-headed.

It is neither. The point is that other health and holistic living studies — you can easily google them up if you wish — have concluded that our lifestyle and eating habits may sometimes leave us with impaired immune systems.

That is really not a controversial point of view.

So, if we continue to ride that train of thought, that the immune system is *not* created equal in all healthy people of the same age and is subject to environmental variables……then it stands to reason that improving your health (exercise, rightsizing your BMI, eating more healthy and natural foods, and proper nutritional supplementation) will enable you to resist more diseases.

So, I am not seeing where the insult is, sorry.

So many conservatives like yourself — many of whom oppose universal health care — believe that one’s health status is self-determined, that people get sick because of lifestyle choices.

Conservatives (and any other thinking person, I suspect) would take the position that I have stated above: that health status is “self-determined” IN PART, and subject IN PART to lifestyle choice and environmental variables.

Again, it’s hard to imagine anyone thinking that POV is controversial.

You might take “healthy living seriously” but you have no control over how old you are right now, which determines to a large extent whether you are likely to have a mild or a severe case of Covid-19. Also, if high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, lung disease, diabetes, cancer, immune deficiency, autoimmunity, or other genetic problems (the BRCA mutation) run in your family, you were dealt a poor genetic hand that predisposes you to illness regardless of how seriously you take “healthy living”.

Thank you for stating the blatantly obvious. :-)

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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