My own dear parents will not read The New York Times. They are left to be <cough> informed by Fox News…

This respect thing works both ways.

Fox News has serious journalists doing a serious job in covering serious news from a center-right perspective. That’s a feature, not a bug, but the very existence of a national news presence that is not-slanted-left has spawned a decade of derision, a funded organization devoted only to finding their “lies” (Media Matters), and a rocky start to the Obama Administration, when it was HE who tried to delegitimatize Fox.

Fortunately, the effort was blocked by the other outlets, who knew that if the President could take out Fox, he could take out anyone who disagreed with him.

Nobody disagrees that the Fox pundits lean in the direction they do, and sometimes engage in demogogery; but that’s not unique to Fox.

What’s a liberal journo to do?

Perhaps the real problem is that if you must identify so strongly as “liberal”, you find a line of work that doesn’t require your impartiality. If I go back to the Fox well, the respected Chris Wallace, who most liberals will swear up and down is a right-wing tool, is actually a registered Democrat. Whatever Chris has, it needs to get bottled up and injected in any “journalist” who thinks their opinions matter. (Obviously, if your job is as an opinion writer, you’re excepted from that thought.)

…learn how to serve communities, listening to them to reflect their worldviews and gain their trust …give up on the belief that we are entitled to act as gatekeeper and to set the agenda….bring diversity not just to our surviving newsrooms …but to the larger news ecosystem…

Well, there’s a start. :-)

I would underwrite scholarships at journalism schools (I promised to stop plugging mine) to recruit students from towns wracked by unemployment, from evangelical colleges, from the military.

Well, there you go. There are journalists, you know, at local papers in many of these wracked mid-sized towns, there are journalists who write for religious publications, there are journalists who write for military publications. My sense is that they are not often considered for jobs in general journalism; the first “don’t have enough big city experience”, the second get pigeonholed into being the “religion correspondent”, and no idea what happens to the last. But they’re not apparent.

Here’s the problem. A biased media that’s trusted is is more dangerous than a completely untrusted media. The latter can be addressed with a multitude of outlets, all of which are “untrusted” to a degree. The former cannot be addressed at all, and become free to publish propaganda as they choose.

So, can the existing major media fix itself? Sure. Will they? Unlikely. At the rate we’re going, the paper of record circa 2030 will be whatever they publish in Kansas City.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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