Morals, Mice, and Hollywood

I try not to write original pieces about social and cultural issues. I prefer subjects that can be are math-measurable. But, sometimes, a certain issue pops up that affects me viscerally. Allow me to post the picture of a person that makes me want to vomit, for so many different reasons:

To add to the total mess, Harvey offered this pack of lies in his defense:

“I came of age in the ’60s and ’70s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different. That was the culture then,” said Weinstein.

Bull-fucking-shit. Harvey is 65. So, he did not “come of age” in a professional sense, in the 60’s. He was born in 1952, which made him a teenager until 1972; Miramax wasn’t formed until And, to compound that mess of a statement, the 60’s were *not* just about Vietnam, but about a lot of things, including racial and gender equality; The Feminine Mystique was published in 1963, and NOW was formed in 1966. No serious businessperson who had their formative years in the 1980’s, as Weinstein did, thought that groping women was acceptable behavior.

This pig (and I must apologize to pigs, by using that label) has not just impacted careers via his casting room couch; he’s impacted ALL of us, and not in any sort of positive way. Let’s tally it up, because it’s certainly caused me to wonder about certain people and situations related to him in different and complex ways.

Ashley Judd. I was always favorably impressed by Ashley’s acting, since she first appeared back in 1991 on Star Trek TNG. She seemed to have a rapidly escalating career in the 1990’s, taking on meatier roles….. until 2003, when according to IMDB, she had no roles at all. And afterward, fewer roles, and those she had tended to be of diminishing importance. When I did see her, either in an acting role or in a social activist role, I always wondered what could have caused such a lovely and talented person with a show business pedigree to NOT have a more successful acting career.

Well, now we know what happened in 2003. That seems to be the year (rumored in some sources, I haven’t been able to confirm) that Judd made a serious legal threat against Harvey, for behavior of his that had been ongoing since 1997. No settlement was reached, but Harvey seems to have taken his pound of flesh.

Which, to me, makes Judd a much more sympathetic figure. I thought she was moonbat crazy after this incident:

….but I now realize that her history makes it difficult for her to remove the emotional component from her reasoning. And the clear impact of the matter on her career would create additional resentment in almost anybody.

Of larger import is the “big picture”, which is why, after fifty years of anti-misogynistic conditioning in the public square……we seem still to be covered with misogynists.

But that’s a larger question for another day.

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