Kady M.

Oct 10, 2017

1 min read

Rights, without the scare quotes, don’t come in first or second class sections.

Maybe. I doubt if the average citizen sees it that way. What’s in the BOR is part of the founding documents of the Republic, and thus part of the original thoughts of the Framers.

So, when you say that the argument is irrelevant, I say you should have said that before Heller, because it was settled law then. The parable here is, nothing is ever settled, as long as Justices die and are replaced by new Justices.

Sure. Hence my comment about Justice Berger being dead. At one time, Plessey was settled law, too.

If Janus doesn’t have to pay AFSCME, AFSCME doesn’t have to represent Janus’ interests, hear his grievances, or share their negotiated wages and benefits with him.

The first two logically follow; the third doesn’t. AFSCME doesn’t get paid when they negotiate a contract; the employees do. So, if they negotiate a contract, and Janus gets a raise because of it, the union has no say in the matter.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.

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