Liar on the court

Let’s work through this a bit:

His calendar shows such that a party as defined by Ford happened on Thursday, July 1, where he went to a small gathering with several of the boys named by Ford for “skis” (brewskis.)

Since Judge Kavanaugh provided the calendars, no reasonable person would call this a “lie”, especially when trying to recollect over 37 years. There are certain possibilities:

  1. He was mistaken. It was a long time ago.
  2. He intended to attend the party, but never did.

Without corroborating evidence, the matter is inconclusive.

Kavanaugh never drank legally as a senior. He never drank legally as a teenager in Maryland, despite his suggestion otherwise.

Nobody sane is going to brand somebody else a “liar” for being unable to recollect detail 37 years hence with alcohol involved. It’s simply beyond the pale. The dates are not germane to anything reasonable, nor is the tit-for-tat about “blackouts”.

We do know the FBI refused to interview her and Kavanaugh.

Actually, we don’t know that. What is more logical to assume is that the FBI believed they had all they needed from Ford’s testimony, and they had six prior background checks PLUS Kavanaugh’s testimony to draw from.

If you believe the FBI are professionals, then defer to their professional judgement, please.

The Democrats erred in bringing the allegations against Kavanaugh very late in the process.

I would call it the most egregious display of pure evil I have ever seen in politics, but if you want to call it an “err”, go right ahead.

But once out in the public forum, the charges needed to be addressed.

Yep. Once the Democrats threw Dr. Ford and her desire for confidentiality under the bus by leaking her letter for political gain, the charges needed to be addressed.

Chuck Grassley, head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, put on quite a circus for the viewing public but the investigation was a sham.

Grassley handled things professionally from the get go. He extended Dr. Ford the courtesy of private discussions, even to fly out to CA to interview her there. Unsurprisingly, her Democrat-assigned attorneys held this information from her, so as not to ruin the spectacle they expected to get political advantage from.

He hired a “female assistant,” a sex crimes prosecutor, to interrogate Ford. And then when her questions got too close for comfort to the truth with Kavanaugh, the boys stepped up and silenced their “assistant,” instead preferring a sickening form of fawning over Kavanaugh.

Nonsense. Again, this was a professional way to handle the matter. If the Dems were smart, they would have ceded her their time as well. But nobody on the Dem side was doing anything smart on this one. Grassley, OTOH, was not missing a beat.

The FBI investigation failed to interview a number of witnesses. It was a sham, just like the hearing.

The FBI interviewed everyone they believed was credible. Just because the mob believes other people are credible doesn’t mean the professionals agree with you.

Too many senators said they would vote for Kavanaugh in advance of the hearing’s conclusion to even give the pretense that it mattered at all (except as an annoyance) to Republicans.

Virtually ever Dem Senator signalled they were opposed to Kavanaugh within a few days of nomination, and many didn’t even bother to interview him. So to them, the hearing was nothing more than a free opportunity to preen in front of the cameras. (And preen they did.)

And now a liar will be on SCOTUS.

I am not at all concerned about your opinion of him.

A liar who feels he is the victim of a Clinton revenge plot, who noted in his prepared opening statement that “what goes around comes around” and whose performance alternated from weepy nonsense to rage-filled drama.

I suspect Kavanaugh, having worked on the Starr investigation, is a better judge of the Clinton’s reach and influence than you are.

David French believes rage to be an appropriate response for a SCOTUS nominee who was accused of sex crimes.

I believe it to be an appropriate response for anyone who is seeing their family get death threats and their reputations ruined. I would have applauded if he had hurled his coffee at those hypocritical monsters to his right.

And this dishonest emotional train wreck of a man will be placed on SCOTUS.

Good news, isn’t it?

God help us, everyone.

You’ll be fine.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.