On the other side of the coin, the rest of America is being held hostage by a vocal minority of gun enthusiasts. People who are so in love with the visceral feeling of emptying a 30 round clip, that they do not care if multiple people die every year from automatic weapons fire.

Let’s take a moment for rational thought. (Let’s put aside the moment that automatic weapons have been illegal since the 30’s, and years pass between the time that an automatic is used in the crime in the US. I assume you know this, and simply misspoke.)

The number of people who “do not care” if people die from firearms is so small they can be numbered on the fingers of a single hand. However, in their minds, there are larger ideals at stake, specifically the existence of a Constitutional right which insures that the individual has the ability to defend oneself in situations where the authorities cannot. (There are other considerations as well on the pro-amendment side, but this one seems to stand out as the most practical.)

Because if they did, they’d realize that not all gun owners want all submachine guns, all the time. And not all all gun control advocates are proposing outright gun bans.

As mentioned above, automatic weapons (machine guns) have been illegal since the 30’s. There are approximately 2500 of those weapons in private hands today, and all of them are accounted for and registered.

The problem with the debate as posed is that outside of an unconstitutional outright ban, none of the proposals would seem, statistically, to have much affect on gun violence in in the US. And if a regulation doesn’t have any affect on gun violence, then the burden of that regulation is being felt by the legal gun owner, which makes it of no value.

That is how a reasoned view that opposes gun regulations gets twisted into “you don’t care about gun deaths” by people who choose not to engage in reasoned discussion.

Hope that helps.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.