But the one we live and breath in the real world is rigged in favor of the corporate oligarchs as I outlined in my earlier post.

Let’s cut to the chase, here, because this is getting boring and repetitive. And overly semantical.

  1. The US, developed world, and developing world utilize a free market philosophy in their economies. There are a couple of backwards outliers, like N. Korea, Venezuela, and some Middle Eastern monarchies, but that’s pretty much how we roll.
  2. Over time, politicians have tacked on various “add-ons” to the system which aim to put some controls on economic behavior. Some of these (ostensibly) benefit workers, some of these (ostensibly) benefit corporations.
  3. I have personally been very consistent in stating my belief that we have leaned too far into corporatism, and that certain of these add-ons that benefit corporations should be scaled back. In particular are the trade agreements, which were way too corporatist. However, I do not believe that other add-ons, which seem to be preferred by the left, are particularly desirable, for various reasons. Among these are minimum wage increases, higher levels of corporate taxation, etc.
  4. So, the solution is to elect individuals who agree that things like the trade agreements should be renegotiated. And we did. The boat is, to an extent, righting itself.
  5. So, it appears to me that you’re referring to the corporatist add-ons as “rigged”, but you’re not referring to labor add-ons which would benefit labor (e.g., mandatory unionization, minimum wage laws, etc.) as “rigged”. That’s your perogative, but I disagree/

Excellent. You know what they say, “Admission of the problem is 90% of the solution.” But what’s this? i think you misspelled “a president who is cutting trillions of dollars in taxes for the rich (83% going to the top 1%) who in turn are using it to maximize investor value and not grow jobs” (rigged).

You’re confusing the decrease in the personal tax rate (which I personally didn’t support) with the corporate tax rate. I’ll give you a chance to rethink that very very confused paragraph. Suffice to say that if a CEO gets a personal tax cut, that doesn’t translate to a benefit to his or her corporation.

All of which is ultimately designed to bankrupt Social Security and Medicare.

Tin foil hat alert. SS and Medicare are funded by payroll taxes, which arent affected by changes in the marginal income tax rates of either corporations or individuals.

Total bullshit. Yes, absolutley, smash the ratings agencies.

If there were a law against mislabeling debt securities, I’d be right there with you. But there wasn’t and isn’t, and if you don’t have the ratings agencies, you don’t have a bond market, and if you dont’ have a bond market, you get a permanent 2008.

The larger problem with the events of 2008 is that there were no laws forbidding what occurred. And still aren’t, to a large extent, although there should be.

Exactly so. In a rigged system where people are robbed of their freedom by money being redistributed to the top via all these mechanisms I have mentioned, you get folks at the bottom angry and desperate. Sooner or later they’ll fix it so it’s rigged in their favor.

That’s now what would happen, though. What you’re missing is that institutions are hard to build up but are often easy to tear down. What you’re griping about is regulations and laws which are overly corporatist in nature. Fine. Fix them in the existing system. If you can’t fix them using the existing system, and you end up resorting to revolutionary activity, then you get an entire generation of 2008, which the rich people and corporations hardly feel at all, because they’ll have moved all their capital offshore. You may see that at a Catch-22, but I see it as an opportunity to improve things.

It will be the newest version of the commies redistributing your superiors’ trillions to whomever they like. They could fly the dont-tread-on-me snake banner, or they could fly the rebel stars and bars. You never know.

Well, the “trillions” will have been moved out of their reach. But hope springs eternal.

You think that’s good, but what happens when their leader gets impeached on “trumped” up charges?

Whose leader? The Koch’s are not NeverTrumpers, but they’re pretty close. The corporate side of the GOP tolerates Trump as long as he delivers for them. That’s about it.

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Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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