Let’s cut directly to the chase, here — your implied argumentation is simply not on solid ground.

It is intellectually fallacious to reason from an absence of evidence. That’s true both inside and outside the realm of religion. I cannot assume, for example, that because Barack Obama never said “don’t set your children on fire as a punishment” that he approved of setting your children on fire as a punishment. No sane person would argue that.

Similarly, it is intellectually fallacious to believe that because Isa (going to use my preferred name for Jesus, here) never said “I disapprove of homosexuality and/or abortion” that he approved of homosexuality and abortion.

Because of Matthew 5:17, one must assume logically that he was in agreement with prevailing Jewish Law (the Law of Moses) on the matter, unless evidence exists to the contrary. There is also the views expressed in Romans 22–32, keeping in mind that Paul did NOT have the luxury of expressing anything that clearly disagreed with Jesus’ teachings, else the early community would have thrown him out on his ear.

So, in light of all that, I retract the word “likely” from my previous statement. Please replace it with “clearly”, assuming we’re all fairly using the rhetorical tools we have at our disposal.

Hope that helps.

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