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Refugees and immigration: The people that I see on the TV and in my city all seem to be foreign and to be dangerous. There used to be more white people here and now I think there are not. Some of these people want to take my job, but I also know that they want me to pay for their living out of my taxes. Both of these fears can be reconciled logically because I lost my job and I am very angry about this. In fact, I know that me losing my job was directly caused by immigration and probably refugees.

This is pretty close to accurate, except there is far less racism in the mix than you seem to believe. The data shows that the four states that swung the election were swung by white working class voters who are registered Democrats who voted for Obama twice.

Muslims: I believe that Muslims hate Christians and the West. …We would also stop terrorism.

This is inaccurate. The issue here is two-pronged, and not as rife with generalizations as your caricature implies. The first is that there IS an element in my religion which has twisted violent, and ignoring that is an ongoing and irrational mistake of the American left. While it is true that we Muslims are not required to be violent nor use violence for any purpose, there exist evil factions in the religion who twist certain texts and history to their own purposes.

But, the larger issue regarding “Muslims in America” is that refugees do in fact require jobs and taxpayer support. Pretty simple, that if you’re in an employment-challenged group, you’d see the government as working against your own best interests in this regard. So, you’ve missed the mark on this part of the analysis.

People of color and other visible minorities: There are more of these people around than there used to be. …This makes me angry and frightened and feel as though I am a minority under siege.

What you’re describing is social dysphoria.

Regarding your observations vis a vis violent crime, I think that anyone who watches the local news (who tend to play up racial angles in their reporting) can be expected to see crime in a racial sense. And since BLM has actually promoted violence against police in some cases, well…..not surprising they would come to that conclusion as well.

Women and LGBTQ+: Some jobs are just better done by men.

Well, any job that requires brute strength is obviously better done by men. So, this one isn’t newsworthy. :-)

I know this, because my grandfather/father/husband is a man, and he is good at his job. My grandmother didn’t have a job, and she was happy.


Things were better when the gender divide was clearer. Things that blur this divide scare me.

No. You need to look to the religious root of gender differences. That’s where the answer lies.

I am concerned about policies that increase freedoms for women and LGBTQ+ people, including gay marriage and discrimination legislation. This is because I think these things are negatively linked to security, community and social stability. I am a woman and I don’t want a job.

There is a rather significant amount of arrogance popping out of your writing now. The US Midwest, the ones that have been most economically affected by immigration/automation/globalization, are actually educated, literate people who study from the same curricula as people in “acceptable” cities like New York and San Francisco. They are not stuck in an Eisenhower-era time warp. Most of their mothers worked.

I’m not trying to simplify these thoughts or fears. I’m not trying to ridicule them, either.

Well, you did. Both.

So, OK, causation. I think the left must accept that there is a nucleus of anger in the white Western world.

Well, there’s a nucleus of anger in more than the white Western world. :-)

Anger that, in my opinion, comes from systemic unemployment, often in ways that have destroyed whole towns and cities. From a steady decline in the standard of living and no commensurate increase in government or corporate support, even in communities where generations of people have supported one industry or employer. From education and health systems that disenfranchise and endanger the poor, while benefitting the wealthy.

Half right; you were fine up until “standard of living”.

Then, you go on to put liberal blinders on. They are not angry because there is no additional government support; they do not WANT government support. They want to WORK. Tot that point, the working class does not “blame the rich”, not concern themselves with “disenfranchisement”. These are liberal catchphrases unrelated to actual issues.

These are valid life experiences. They should not have happened on anyone’s watch. We need to talk more about these things and to listen to people who have lived through them.


And here is the rub. I don’t really need to hear from people about these concerns.

Uh, you just said you needed to listen. So which one is it?

You can’t just logically jump from unemployment and factory closures to refugees being terrorists.

Nobody does. You are conflating two entirely different issues.

And then I want conservative voters to listen and to think about whether there is a difference between what frightens them, and what is to blame for their life experience.

And we want liberal voters to remove their blinders, stop assuming as fact what is not in evidence, and accept that the populist movement might contain elements that may be proper policy for the nation at this point in time.

Your tome is simply leftist apologetics. What you want to do (and yes, you actually SAID this) is for the left to (1) listen to the populist supporters calmly and rationally, then (2) explain to them why they are wrong, and (3) defer to those that are more educated than they are regarding policy.

In other words, you want the populists to do the same thing they’ve been doing for decades, and expect a different result.

Sorry, they’re not that stupid. :-)

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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