“Leave Betsy DeVos alone. She’s only an innocent Education Secretary.”

Actually, I explicitly stated that she was not the best choice for the job; I would have preferred one of the CEOs of one of the nonprofit charter school chains that has had substantial success with at-risk students. However, now that she’s confirmed, I would characterize my view as saying “Leave her alone, there’s not much she can fuck up anyway.”

I mean, if a person is going to be an “oppose everything Trump”ster, there’s richer targets than the Ed Secretary, after all.

As for the rest of your putting words in my mouth, let’s just say that you accused me of saying/thinking a lot of things I didn’t say or think, and move on from there. If you choose to see my views as strictly partisan, that’s entirely your concern, not mine.

And I’m good with that because I do not like the left and I won’t speak against the right.

But I did speak against the right. I pointed out that their obsession with tying analytics into teacher appraisal is ill advised; and it is most certainly ill advised to tie those analytics into funding.

Seems to me that’s essentially a criticism of the vast majority of their philosophy.

So, what I’ll do to prove my point is show those lefties how stupid they are by calling them out.

I think it rather important to not permit anyone to get away with blatant hypocrisy. You apparently do not.

This has to stop at some point.

I quite agree.

Mrs. DeVos is at a wealth level beyond her predecessors.

True. but no relevant. Obama appointed a billionaire Democrat donor to his cabinet as well. I don’t remember anybody complaining about Penny Pritzker’s wealth.

She has made a living profiting off of education, not taking steps toward improving it.

I’ll have to disagree. The family fortune comes from Amway, I believe.

Please, spare citizens the comparisons to hospital CEOs. We are talking about something totally different.

Actually, we’re not. Pedagogy is different than school administration. http://www.educationdegree.com/programs/school-administration/

There are degrees in pedological fields, and degrees in school administration. They are not the same. The administrator manages a multi-million dollar budget, human resources, maintenance, facilities……over half their budget has nothing to do with the classroom whatsoever. Then, a chunk of the remaining half makes decisions from a district/state/federal perspective as to how to deploy educational resources to get the best results. That’s where decisions concerning public, charter, magnet, etc….come into play. The administrator uses DATA (colloquially termed “outcomes”) from the classrooms to guide him or her in those decisions.

But it’s quite possible nowadays to be an effective administrator without classroom experience. It may not be advisable, but it’s possible.

Maybe DeVos and a CEO have the same mission (increase profit), but a government job, esp. her position, is not a business.

That’s a bit besides the point. Google up the budget of your local school district, or pick one that has say four or five high schools. If they have four or five high schools, the administrator is probably managing a budget of half a billion dollars, and they have to balance it. The considerations they take to stay at balance are the same considerations a private CEO uses to turn aprofit. And, it’s a substantially different task than doing a lesson plan for 7th grade American history.

All of America is awake now and even so is the rest of the world. We have lots of work ahead. This is all just getting started.

Oh. I’m 62. Every time there’s a contentious election, somebody says “we are all going to wake up”. Then the next election happens, and the voter participation needle barely moves. The House is the most sensitive to “waking up” (see: 2010), but it’s not all that sensitive to “waking up” when the Democrats are the ones agitated, because of Dem concentration in urban districts. “Waking Up” just means that the House Democrats get re-elected with even higher margins of victory.

This is, after all, about Trump himself, not anything he’s done. His appointments are not outside of the conservative mainstream, and none of the EO’s are outside of the conservative mainstream. The agitation isn’t about anything that’s been DONE (even the travel ban will be easily rewritten to remove the offending issue), it’s about Trump personally. And personal attacks tend not to have staying power, in my experience.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.