This is ignorance on stilts.

Laughs at you. You respond to a perfectly valid point based on the 1st Amendment concept of free speech AND current law with THAT POS? :-).

You, sir, are an intellectual coward. And an undependable partner in democracy.

So am I to understand that you think Medium is obligated to provide a platform to Nazis as long as they don’t advocate extermination or expulsion or violence? And that the proper answer is to just “not read them?” Fascinating…and mighty white of you.

Let’s make a list of things in that paragraph that I did not say, and that you raise as straw men, in concert with your newfound position as an intellectual coward.

  1. Straw man #1: Nobody said that Medium was “obligated” to do anything. OBVIOUSLY, they could choose, if they wish to limit their participation to you and your fellow travelers, as unenlightening a board as that may be. HOWEVER, if one wishes to make a business a going concern, they have an obligation to themselves and their investors to be as broadly appealing as possible.
  2. Furthermore, when a business purports to market in ideas, and then decides that only certain ideas will be marketed, then their credibility as a marketplace for ideas shrinks as their range of acceptable ideas shrinks. That should be obvious even to people such as yourself.
  3. Straw man #2: Finally, “mighty white of me?” WTF does THAT mean? I am not actually WHITE, btw, by USA-Waspy standards; and even if I was, the Muslim part and the headscarf part are more than a little offputting to some number of Americans, as you might have heard. Seems to me that the white person here doing the mansplainin’ is YOU, bubbala. “Grasping at straws” to gain an upper hand in the discussion comes to mind. And failing miserably at that.

Second, by your logic, white supremacy itself should gain a platform here. So people who want to argue that white people are superior to black people, or Latinx folks, should be treated like everyone else, so long as they don’t advocate illegality.

Doesn’t seem like a problem to me, in that I am not afraid of free speech. Apparently it upsets you.

Do you even listen to yourself? I doubt it.

All the time. Right back at you. Do you have any idea how many seeds for an Orwellian society you’re planting?

As for “legal” and “illegal,” when did this convo ever have anything to do with that?

You yourself mused on where the “line should be drawn.” If you don’t want to hear an answer to a question, I suggest you not ask one. :-)

But more to the point, the idea that people who are undocumented don’t have human rights is false and grotesque. And rounding them up as many want to do is disgusting.

Straw Man #3. The illegal immigration discussion does not suggest that the people who come here illegally have no human rights. The suggestion is that they do not have rights under the US Constitution. That’s a very different thing.

And although you may think that “rounding them up” is disgusting (I have some sympathy for that view, btw) it is a legitimate point of view that belongs in the public discourse, because it is at its core a request that current law be enforced.

And again, only a people who came and stole a continent with no regard for morality would think otherwise.

Every person alive has an ancestor who was a member of a culture who stole a continent….region….city….area…..from somebody else. But since we are not those people, you are digressing off the main topic. Do start another thread if you want to argue that everyone should be walking around in a puddle of guilt because of something their greatgreatgreatgreatgreat(….)fathers did.

So please stop the posturing, the excusing of bigotry and the vapid understanding of free speech being spread by a nonsense-addled cypher punk who literally knows nothing about the subjects he speaks on…

Well, there you have it.

Kady’s “line” On Who Can Speak: Same as current law. They can say what they wish as long as they don’t advocate insurrection and illegality.

Tim”s “line” on Who Can Speak: The person must have ideas acceptable to Tim. :-)

Got it, bubbala. You’re as transparent as glass.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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