What kind of people would actually support such unconscionable action as to take away healthcare from Americans, and especially poor Americans?

Kind of a silly question. Sounds like you don’t read much outside your bubble.

Those “people” have been trying, admittedly inconsistently, to bring universal care to America since the demise of Hilarycare in 1993. Every time the Democrats claim, as they have since 2009, that “the ACA was based on a Republican plan” (very misleading, but let’s leave that aside for now) they admit that that statement is true. You cannot have it both ways, although you will certainly try.

What those “people” want to do is have an efficient health care system that does not further distort and inflate the health care services market the way the existing government programs do. You can do this in several ways, all of them seemingly anathema to the American left, who has completely lost any semblance of creativity or common sense with regard to this issue by senselessly mumbling “seengle paaayer” whenever the subject of health care arises. If not for this sexual fetish with a system which is used by only a minority of developed nations, we’d have had national care 25 years ago.

(But, oddly, the Dems never got accused of “wanting to kill people” when they made it quite clear in the 90’s that any plan that wasn’t single payer would be DOA in the Senate and White House.)

Therefore, the entire “how could anyone want to take away….” line is intellectually fallacious, as it assumes that something is fact (that the ACA is a good system worth continuing and supporting) which is highly debatable.

“Republicans/Conservatives want to undo the social progress made in the United States over the past 90 years. They want to take us back to the days of Calvin Coolidge and to pretend that Franklin Roosevelt never existed!” Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid all must go to satisfy these circling ideological vultures.

Well, Coolidge presided over one of the greatest economic and technological booms in US History, so he can’t be all bad. And I’m sure you know that Milton Friedman showed that Coolidge’s policies were not causal to the Great Depression, and won a Nobel Prize for doing so. Seeing that you have a PhD and all. In something.

But, on to the point: There are 247 Republican members of the House, and 52 Republican members of the Senate, along with a Republican President, VP, and Cabinet. Please list the members above who have expressed the desire to bring the three entitlement programs to an end. (Trust me, it won’t take you long. We’ll wait):

(these lines intentionally left blank)

Republicans are single mindedly, and obsessively driven by the Ideology of Conservatism.

Well, yes. That’s about as newsworthy as “dog bites man”. Democrats are liberals, Republicans are conservatives. Political parties have ideologies. Who would have thunk it! (Well, actually, the GOP are “classical liberals” by definition, but you’re clearly going for a very simplistic commentary here, and it might not be wise to confuse the issue.)

And with the aid of voter suppression, plus egregious lying, plus the impact of Citizens United, plus the long outmoded Electoral College, the United States was just served-up the Presidency of Donald Trump, and our country is now in the clutches of a disastrous political royal flush: ace~President, king~Senate, queen~House of Representatives, jack~ Supreme Court, and ten~Attorney General all with the expert assistance of Russia’s fundamentally corrupt President Vladimir Putin via wikileaks.

You forgot the grassy knoll and Area 51.

If Republicans get two terms or more this time around, our country will be unrecognizable and quite possibly ungovernable

Yawns. The same spiel gets tossed out by the lefties every time a Republican wins an election; it’s the end of the world as we know it. What you’ve written was an exact reproduction of commentaries written after Reagan won, just updated with the current issues of the day.

Surprise surprise. We’re still here.

Can you even imagine what Washington, and Jefferson, and Adams, and Franklin would think of the present Republican cabal?

I think that the gentlemen you’ve listed would be pretty disgusted by all the politicians flitting about nowadays. They were serious, educated men, after all, and there are not many today, on either side, who could meet their standard. However, even an uncritical read of the political views of the above gentlemen and their theories of governance which led to the Constitution shows that they were clearly in favor of stronger state government and weaker federal government than we have today. If anything, they trended more (by today’s definition) libertarian than either of today’s parties do. Not ideologically so, but they certainly leaned in that direction.

So, if I were you, I’d be careful about invoking them. Somebody might actually fact check you by reading The Federalist Papers, and realize that aside from Hamilton (who was accused of being a monarchist, as he wanted the central government to be so strong) you’re just blowing smoke.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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