America under Trump has given up its position of moral leadership, and has shown the world it no longer wants to occupy that position.

I’ve seen this talking point several times since Thursday. Tell me what it means.

And, if you can tell me what it means, please tell me why we managed to fight a losing war in Vietnam to prop up a US puppet, install a puppet in Iran, try to interfere with Israeli elections and the Brexit vote, support dictators like Saddam Hussein, then overthrow dictators like Saddam Hussein and create night mares for humanity in the process, fight Obama’s drone wars that killed children and families as long as we got the “bad guy”, break our word regarding NATO treaties, ignore a human nightmare in Rwanda, bring down the global economy by the subsidization of crap mortgages, (and I could go on and on) and none of that cost us our moral leadership….but THIS did?

THIS, backing out of an agreement which was characterized when signed by climate activists as “kicking the can down the road?”


Overnight, Trump created a power vacuum at a global level.

No. What Trump did is create a financial vacuum. The Paris Accords were going to cost money. BIG money. And the skinflint Euros wanted access to the US Treasury so they could welsh on their own commitments later on, just as they’ve done with NATO.

It looks like China and Europe are stepping in to fill it.

Yes, that’s what it LOOKS like. Looks can be deceiving. Let’s see whose around when it comes time to start signing the checks. I guarantee you it won’t be the Europeans.

This could, in the future, be seen as a turning point in the decline of America; the point at which America went it alone, and stepped out of the most important global movement of our times, and of future times.

That is not even remotely a serious observation.

Despite the rage burning in the stomach of any thinking person

Laughs. Cute ad hominem.

America will take 4 years to drop out of the Accord, and will finish the process the day after the next American Election, so in fact this may just be an even shorter term vision than we realised, one intended to appeal to Trump’s coal-digging, truck-driving, oil-drilling constituency as a great soundbite, but which will actually not affect anything. One can hope.

Oh. So you really don’t know anything about what you’re writing about. I should have known.

Of course it doesn’t affect anything. The Paris Accords, it was always known, did not affect global emissions in the slightest. That’s why when it was signed, environmental activists called it just kicking the can down the road.

And just yesterday, one of our Medium brothers wrote a detaliled and erudite post on why leaving the Accords doesn’t make a fracking (pun intended) bit of difference to US climate policy.

There will come a time when his broke coal miners will have to buy Chinese solar panels.

Why? Does leaving the Accords somehow mean that US energy technology companies are all going to go out of business? (Obviously not. Stop with the logically fallacious argumentation.)

However, it has totally undermined American supremacy globally.

How? Did we suddenly stop having the largest economy in the world. Did we suddenly stop being the most militarily powerful country in the world. Did we suddenly stop being one of the most affluent nations in the world? Did we suddenly stop being the primary funder of NATO and the UN? Did we suddenly stop being the largest consumer of imported goods?

How about our technology leadership? Did that go away? Did Harvard and the Ivy League suddenly stop being the best universities on the planet?

Please explain.

(Looks at the rest of the post, realizes it’s all sophistry, gets bored, decides to go fix herself a nice cup of tea)

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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