What’s up with this “All-or-nothing” mentality? Why does God either have to be completely perfect or non-existent?

I’ve always wondered about this too. Although I fall into the “completely perfect” camp, it seemed to me the epitome of a false choice.

So who is this “God” person, and what gives him the right to commit large-scale genocide?

The same right we have to step on a cockroach that has invaded our kitchens.

What gives him the right to judge our morality? What makes him better than us?

This question entirely depends on whether you believe you will be held accountable for your behavior in the “heaven or hell” sense of the term. If you believe that this will indeed occur, you rationally adjust your behavior for the preferred outcome.

If God’s creation was so easily corruptible, doesn’t that kind of invalidate the idea that God is perfect?


A perfect being would not make a flawed creation susceptible to corruption.

If we were not susceptible to corruption, we would not have free will.

God is very much responsible for human suffering.

Indirectly. It is illogical to remove human choice from the equation.

Am I the only one who sees how mind-blowingly stupid this is?

No, many people see it that way. Many see it otherwise.

If God is truly all-knowing, then surely he must know exactly how our lives will play out in the end. He knows before he even creates our souls whether or not we’ll wind up damned for all eternity. By all appearances, God is creating people for the purpose of causing them suffering.

The fact that I know that the sun will rise does not make it so. You have a correlation/causation problem in that reasoning.

Why do most people worship God?

Several reasons. The one you dislike is the for the preferred outcome (see above). But what you omit is the entire concept of gratitude. If you’re enjoying your life, AND you believe in a creator-God, you perhaps should give some thought to the fact that you wouldn’t have a life at all if not for that God.

We’re told that if we serve God well enough in our lives, we’ll be able to serve him in his kingdom, Heaven.

I don’t know what tradition you were raised in, but “serve” is an odd way of thinking about it. It not the perspective of either Islam or in my Catholic upbringing. In Islam, the only real “serving” I do is for the needy through charitable works, which does not seem to be a particularly bad thing.

Another favorite of mine is the entire story of Satan’s rebellion. Most people don’t realize that this really isn’t in the Bible, except for the part in the Book of Revelation which has yet to occur (meaning Satan is still in Heaven), but I’ll humor them.

The reference is in Isaiah 14; the history is given in far more detail in the Quran.

But, a quick scan of the rest of your tome shows that you’re devolving into a rather vanilla “This stuff doesn’t make sense to me, so I’ve decided to ignore it” position.

This is of course your choice, but it makes your reasoning indistinguishable from that of a garden-variety atheist, the cogent point you raised in the beginning nonwithstanding.

Personally, I do not know why belief in an omnipresent, perfect creator-God seems obvious to some but seems nuts to others. The Quran speaks obliquely about those who seem predestined to be critics and others who seem predestined to believe, but to be honest, I haven’t worked that out through for myself yet, so I can’t comment.

What I can say is that in my experience, there is no way to “reason” somebody into belief. They can be reasoned OUT of belief, but not reasoned INTO it. So I never bother. The “is there a god or not” discussion is no different than the “does god care or not” discussion you proposed, and it is generally unfruitful.

So, to summarize…..you think that adherence to faith in a creator-God is stupid. Got it. Nothing new there.

Others, I being one of them, disagree with you. Nothing new THERE, either.

So, what did we accomplish? :-)

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