First, because Judge Kavanaugh’s stated position on private school vouchers would exacerbate the situation in Oklahoma City. Research shows that vouchers do nothing to help student achievement but do everything to undermine the public schools that 90 percent of children in this nation attend. Despite the incredible need for resources in a public school like mine, Judge Kavanaugh has, for over 20 years, taken public positions questioning the very foundation of public education and supporting private school voucher programs that use public school funding with little oversight and accountability. Siphoning more funding away from public education will destroy our public schools.

It disturbs me to see this sort of information expressed by educated people as if it were relevant to the debate over Kavanaugh.

Whether or not private school vouchers help, hurt, hinder public schools or students is entirely irrelevant to the job he is being considered for. As a Justice of the Supreme Court, his job is determine *only* if private school vouchers are *legal*, and the conditions under which they are legal, not if they are *advisable* (or not).

It’s also not his job, I am sorry to say, to consider what effect any particular ruling might have on the OK City schools. If a SCOTUS ruling were to have a negative financial effect on your schools, the remedy is to obtain more funding from the State, which you seem well capable of doing, considering your earlier walkout and subsequent raises.

If a candidate for any Court were, during their hearings, state their opposition to private school vouchers because they believed they would have negative impact on the public school district(s), THAT person would be totally unsuitable for the Court.

If you can find instances where Judge Kavanaugh’s public positions *clearly* question the “foundations of public education” (I have no idea what that means, or how one would actually do that), then you can make the case that he should recuse himself from educational related cases. But I tend to doubt that what you read as “clearly questioning” are as unequivocal as you make it sound.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.