Nothing you said has anything to do with my article, and is just aimed at spreading right wing fallacies and senselessness.

IOW, shut up while you spread left wing fallacies and senselessness. :-)

Praising Bush for “pacifying” Iraq is like praising a drug dealer for attempting to save an overdosing customer. Bush began an unjust war in Iraq that slaughtered hundreds of thousands, destroyed the country, destabilized the entire region, and cost American taxpayers $1 trillion. There are legitimate criticisms to Obama’s policy in Iraq, but no policy would have been necessary had it not been for Bush’s actions. Everything Obama did in the Middle East, right or wrong, was necessary because of the damage Bush wreaked in the region.

Without objection. However, the fact remains that Bush managed to leave Iraq in a stable condition. So, one can factually say that he fixed, to the extent anyone was able, what he broke.

And, when Obama left office, it was broke again. Because of actions taken (or a lack thereof) by Obama, no one else.

So, tour “reasoning” is basically this: Because Bush broke it, and it was still broke a decade later, we get to ignore the stability that Bush brought and blame him for everything.

Sorry, doesn’t work like that. Not for reasonable people.

Obama’s Iran Deal is not triggering a nuclear war, this is a clear lie. The deal has kept Iran from advancing its nuclear arsenal. Even Trump backed away from reneging on the deal even though he wanted to.

The Iran deal marginalized our two traditional allies in the region, denying them a seat at the table, and put their primary geopolitical rival and world’s largest sponsor of terrorism in a much stronger position.

Prima facie, that sound like a good deal to you? A smart deal? Considering there could have been ways to get to the same place without causing the same angst with our allies?

Your claim that Obama, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton caused racial divisions is utterly despicable. The latter two are civil rights leaders who have worked to secure rights for black people in this country for years.

Let’s separate Obama from the latter two. For them, both statements are correct; they are both civil rights leaders and race-baiters. You may ignore the latter if you wish.

We know better…

It is not evident that you do.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.