The next four years are going to be a constant assault against all of the progress made in the past hundred years by women, minorities, LGBTQ folks, immigrants and democracy itself.

Interesting theory. I don’t agree with it. The Trump candidacy was and is an economic candidacy. His base, which contains a large contingent of individual which do not disagree with Democrat positions on social justice issues, will not tolerate deviations from those promises. Thus, I expect little movement on social justice issues in either direction; it will not be a priority.

“Immigrants” were not and never were a campaign issue (the issue is ILLEGAL immigrants, so you can expect current immigration law to be enforced. And possibly nothing more. If you think that’s harsh, look to the Democrats who created those laws. It was only 20 years ago that the Democrats were talking about fences and border control……some would say before they woke up and realized they had lost so many white votes that they needed Latino votes to win.

Democracy? We’ve had decades now of authoritarian leaning presidents, and suddenly you’re worried about Trump? :-) Trump is speaking in terms of block grants back to states on issues, which is ANTI-authoritarian and PRO-democratic. So, sorry, I don’t see where this concern lines up with the information we have.

I’d agree with Geoff below — get out of the bubble. If you;’re in North Carolina, you’re not far from reasonable, intelligent people who can tell you why they voted for Trump. And if you expect them all to be racist, you’ll be disappointed.

My in-law family are all legal immigrants from Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. They are all Muslim. They all have been here since the 1980’s. They are all highly educated. And they all voted for Trump.

Why? Because they heard things you ignored, about working class people and jobs (my family members who are professionals (doctors, lawyers) have see a substantial increase in the need for pro-bono work during the Obama adminstration due to the slow-growth nature of the recovery). And since they are all citizens, they knew they were not in any risk of deportation……and trust me, they are probably MORE concerned about the refugee issue and ISIS than you are, because they are well aware of what these people can do.

If you don’t like Trump, that’s fine. But let’s not have the same people who whine about “Obama was so obstructed by the GOP” now promoting obstruction of Trump. We don’t need the hypocrisy. You may disagree with him, but if he puts a reasonable plan on the table for the revision of the trade agreements, for infrastructure, for corporate tax reform, and for personal tax reform, and he’s obstructed just because “he’s Trump”, then the Democrats need to get ready to be a small regional party for a very long time.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.