But to your broader point about sending your daughter to college…what if she wants to take a humanities or art course?

I’m sure she’ll have to, to finish out her electives. My statement to her is that the course has to have rigorous, academic content. When a course summary says something like “examines current trends in……” then that’s not academic content, that’s something she can read about online. I am not coughing up $X,XXX for my child to take a course that she can read about online. We all examine current trends every time we read the news.

What if she comes to have some liberal-leaning beliefs of her own volition?

That’s fine, as long as she can intellectually defend them. If not, she knows that Mama will rip her a new one. :-)

I outright reject that we are all simply being “brainwashed” by going to University. I think that is an easy way to say my ideas and thoughts aren’t valid and can be easily dismissed because they are “liberal leaning.”

Nobody said anything about *all* being brainwashed, and nobody who is intellectually honest dismisses any thought simply because it has a label on it.

THAT SAID, there is no doubt that universities today are friendly spaces for liberal ideas, and less so for conservative ideas; and that there are a (hopefully) small number of professors who see their jobs as an opportunity to inculcate the next generation of SJW’s or hostile atheists. I am all good with my child being exposed to new ideas organically; I am not good with her being propagandized by a person with power over her.

I’m also tired of being classified as a direction; every time I read through (not directed at you) “left/right” arguments, I wonder if we have all lost our collective minds. I always think, ‘left or right of WHAT, exactly!?’

Mmm. Well, “left/right” aren’t as meaningful political terms as authoritarian/libertarian, capitalist/socialist are. We all fit in on a matrix of views someplace, depending on how we see ourselves in relationship to those four words.

It doesn’t help that our political parties themselves are all mucked up. The Democrats are socially libertarian and economically authoritarian, while the GOP is socially authoritarian and economically libertarian.

According to how they present themselves, at least; in practice, what they DO is far more complicated.

But, “the left” in our usage normally refers to an individual that believes that government should be constantly searching out problems to solve, and then proactively trying to fix them. “The right”, OTOH, views most “problems” as things that are better off allowed to work themselves out over time, and if a fix is necessary, make it a local or modest one.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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