You seem very worried about prosecutors using charges on certain individuals because they hope to get those individuals to flip on others. You even mention that judges “frown upon” that practice. That happens every single day, in every single major or minor investigation. That’s what the justice system is based on: testimony from informants.

I’m not “worried” about anything.

There is a rather large difference between an “informant” (who comes forward out of a sense of justice) and an individual who is coerced to bring testimony because of a coercive threat. When that happens outside of the courtroom, we call it a “protection racket”, and we prosecute it.

He charged Paul Manafort, a man who had a big ledger of crooked payments on it, who screws over criminal oligarchs on a yearly basis, with being crooked. The guy committed tax fraud, why wouldn’t you put him in jail?

I have no problem with putting him in jail. But the Manafort matter has precisely nothing to do with Trump matter, in that Manafort’s alleged misbehavior occurred over 10 years ago. When two matters are entirely unrelated, it seems suspect for a prosecutor to “relate” them by what amounts to bribery.

Let’s keep in mind that there is a difference between legality and morality; and because something is commonly practiced does not make it moral. Quid Pro Quo is either wrong or it’s not.

Your point about Mueller’s operations and teams are also misguided. You mention that Mueller has registered Democrats on his team, and that’s true. However, Mueller himself is a Republican.

True. But as we know, there are a large number of Republicans who are virulently anti-Trump. The NeverTrumpers even ran an alternative candidate, Evan McMullen, in an effort to derail Trump. It’s generally believed by the Trump base that Mueller is one of the NeverTrumpers, which is a problem for the investigation going forward, because Trump’s people do not take him seriously.

You can’t investigate Trump with only people who have spent their entire lives loving Trump more than anything, because then they won’t be impartial and their findings will be dismissed, i.e. the House investigation.

Straw man. Nobody suggested investigating him with toadies. The point is that there are plenty of competent investigators in this large nation who do not donate to either party or support partisan campaigns. The fact that Mueller has reached out to so many Clinton regulars, as mentioned before, leads the Trump people to consider Mueller unserious.

And finally, you say Mueller leaks all the time. The leaks that fill the press are from the government itself, the Justice Department, and Trump’s lawyers.


Lots of speculation there. Tell me, how is it that YOU know where these leaks come from, and nobody else does? When all the press tells us is “unnamed sources” ad nauseum?

You state opinion as fact.

The only real evidence I need that Mueller doesn’t leak is Papadopoulos. NOBODY knew he was getting charged until the moment it happened. The man does not leak.

You’re easily convinced. But, if you wish to take the position that the press is just lying, I would have no quibble with that.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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