No, that’s not the outcome. It is what we are told.

I’m not told anything. I used to live in Ontario, and was covered under OHIP. Like all single payer systems, it has warts under the covers.

Surgeries are triaged. The less essential your surgery to your life, the longer you may wait. Many of those surgeries impact quality of life. If you have a surgery scheduled 18 months out, you may choose to not wait.

Americans regularly cross the border for cheaper drugs.

Yes. We don’t dictate prices to the pharmas the way Canada and everyone else in the world does. Ergo, we pay the entire tab for the R&D that the world benefits from. It’s not a sustainable model.

Canada has a very unique problem of having the largest land mass against population in the world.

True but misleading. About 90% of Canada’s population lives within 100 miles of the US border. So, although they have a huge land mass, there are very few patients that need to be bopped around as you describe.

The Bush administration specifically forbade by law the US negotiating prices, unfortunately.

I agree, but the reasoning is above.

The irony of the Canadian system is that it is freer than ours.

I don’t see how you can seriously make that statement. You’re free to use the ER in the US if you want to, but nobody who can avoid it chooses a lower quality of care.

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