I’ll make this simple for the people who have never taught.

Teaching is, at its core, about 1 person, the teacher, establishing their agenda on 30-odd children, though six different groups of them a day, each of who has a different agenda, none of which are the same as the teacher’s agend.

I’ve taught for five years, been in business for 30+ years. I’ve seen scores of business professionals crushed by their inability to get a room of 10 ADULTS on the same agenda for a single hour.

Teaching is the most fucking exhausting job in the universe. I used to be physically trembling with fatigue at the end of each school day (middle school), and because I didn’t get paid shit, I had to go directly to my part time job, and then somehow manage after 9PM to grade the papers and then get up in time for my 45 minute commute to a 7:55 start time.

So, why does anyone endure such agony? Because those kids, watching them respond to you, is the best drug in the world.

Hope that helps.

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